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2:48 pm - Tuesday, Aug. 01, 2006
The \"Hanging On\" Part

The "Hanging On" Part

Fri 7/28/06 (4:24 p.m.)

Saw two movies this past week....

I had been pretty leery of Clerks II when I first heard it was in the works. I just thought Clerks–which I loved-- was clearly a stand-alone movie, and a sequel just smelled of creative desperation on the part of Kevin Smith.

But then I read some good reviews of the movie, and I thought I’d give it a try.

(It’s not like I was gonna have to pay for it, after all...)

And my verdict?


Okay. So-so. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.

(And so on and so forth...)

I really liked Rosario Dawson though. And I also liked the ending, which seemed fitting and proper, and in its way, kind of touching. It left me feeling good about our two heroes and their future.

But I’m glad I didn’t pay for it.


I don’t “review” or even just recommend movies as often as you’d think I would (Being a movie fan, and now working at a movie theater like I do).

I don’t know how to write reviews, for one thing, and fear I would embarrass myself trying. But the bigger issue is that I actually know a number of people who read this journal, and our tastes differ to the extent that telling certain of you to go see this or that movie “cause it’s really good” would be a waste of my time and your money, should you actually take my recommendation and see the movie in question.

But go see Little Miss Sunshine. Cause it’s really good.

“My favorite movie so far this year” good.

Mon 7/31/06 (2:01 p.m.)

Getting some “bidness” done.

First I emailed Tammy D., of the newly formed Actors Management Group (An offshoot group of Actors Co-op). She had emailed notes from the first meeting (I wasn’t able to attend, due to a previous engagement known as “work”), and I wanted to respond to them.

(Tammy then asked if she could forward my response on to the group. I said “forward away”.)

Then I called Paragon Photo Imaging, where they have a copy of my headshot on file, and ordered 100 new pictures, and 100 postcards (The postcards are for my first-ever, “Just wanted to let you know I booked a gig” mailing to all the casting directors who’ve seen me at ACG).

(When I last inquired about postcards, they had some crazy, 300 postcard minimum. But happily, they seem to have realized they were missing out on a lot of business from actors who didn’t need/couldn’t afford 300 postcards at a time, and have changed that policy.)

And now I’ve been trying to scan a decent copy of my resume to send to Brett and Molly at ACG, who have agreed to re-format it for me (It needs to be in columns, instead of centered, and I need to add the Gilmore Girls credit). But they couldn’t read the email attachment I sent, and it’s been so long since I’ve used my scanner, I seem to have forgotten how; the first scan looked like crap, and the second came out divided over four pages (Molly has said she’ll hand-type it for me if need be–and bragged she’s a much better typist than “two-fingers” Brett–but I’d prefer to make it easy on them, since they’re doing me a big favor and all).

(Cary has done this stuff for me in the past, but he doesn’t exactly have a lot of time on his hands for this crap, and I’d really like to minimize the burden I put on him, and by extension, our friendship.)

Ultimately, I ought to be able to do this stuff myself, but when I tried recently, it wasn’t long before bitter tears of frustration slid down my grizzled cheeks. Truthfully, it was pretty pathetic.

What I’d really like is for someone to come over and tutor me (You know, when I think about it, that’s pretty much what I’d like in general–someone to come over and tutor me in all the “being an adult” shit I should have learned 20 years ago. And help me clean and bug-proof my apartment. And then have sex with me, and maybe make me a sandwich. But anyway...).

Tues 8/1/06 (1:35 p.m.)

Had a meeting with JS (my commercial agent) earlier today, at my instigation.

In a word, this year has sucked for me commercially. I’ve not gone out as much as in years past, and when I have, I haven’t booked (I’ve had a hard time even getting callbacks). So I wanted to check in with JS, and...well, I don’t know what–See if there’s something specifically going wrong, see if there’s something I can do if something is going wrong, make sure he still sees me as being viable, that he still has faith in me, etc.

We didn’t talk long–about 20 minutes–but the long and short of it was “it’s a quirky business”. You go out a lot, then you don’t, you book, then you can’t get arrested, etc and so forth (The industry itself also goes through cycles and slow-downs and such).

He doesn’t think my current commercial slump is a question of my “doing something wrong”, and he seems to be pretty positive about my prospects. I just basically have to “tough it out” (my phrase, not JS’s).

I feel like as long as JS still has faith in me and my prospects, I can hang on awhile longer, and wait for things to pick up again.

(Even though my confidence has been shaken by how things have gone so far this year, I still believe there are things out there for me to do; I’ve booked before, and it seems reasonable to believe I will book again. And since commercials are how most actors make most of their money, I am nowhere near ready to write them off.)

JS had a lot of very positive things to say–and I don’t think he was just bs-ing me--but the thing that made me light up inside was something he said kind of off-handedly; he asked how the Gilmore Girls thing had gone, and as I started to tell him, he said “They really like you over there” (Referring to the casting people).

Things will pick up. I feel sometimes like it’s moving at a glacial pace, and the constant money stress makes it seem constantly like life-or-death, but I do believe that if I can just hang on, some nice things are going to happen.

It’s the “just hanging on” part that I’m wrestling with right now...


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