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1:01 pm - Fri 10/17/03
Some Happy Stuff

Some Happy Stuff

Thurs 10/16/03 (7:56 p.m.)

Well, in surprising and moderately happy news, I got the "Godzilla" thing!

(All those auditions I felt good about, and the one I was "almost certain" I wouldn't get is the one I get. Go figure.)

The part of the news making it only "moderately" happy is that it's even less of a thing than I thought. I went in thinking it was a movie, then discovered it was a commercial, and now I find it's not even a real commercial; it's just something for the guy's "demo reel".

But it pays–A little–and it's tape for my own reel, not to mention more experience "on camera". In short, it's not a huge score, but I think it has to go in the "win" column nevertheless.

I got the call this afternoon, which annoyed me a little, since I'd given him JS's number, but whatever; I asked him to call JS, and it was all fine (When we talked a short time later, JS said to knock myself out; I'd gotten it myself, after all, and I think, truth to tell, it's just too penny-ante for him to bother with. All he said was "make sure you get your money!").

It's a cute enough spot: I'm a guy coming home from work, and as I approach the front door of my house, you can hear sounds of the "Godzilla's Revenge" video game inside. As I reach for my keys, a crowd of terrified Japanese people burst out the door and rush past me (In a nice touch, the last person out the door is a geisha girl, who stops to bow politely before scurrying off).

Not a huge "acting challenge"--I think I'm basically just supposed to stare slackjawed as the people rush past–but it shoudl be fun.

Anyway, it's going to shoot a week from Sunday. According to Mitchell–the director–it should take about two hours.


Starting to see commerials for Chris's movie–George of the Jungle II–but just like the preview I checked out on the Disney website, the commercials don't seem to actually feature Chris. Which seems odd, since he's the title character.

My first, rather uncharitable thought, was that they're trying to hide Chris's performance. But then it occurred to me that maybe what they're trying to "hide" is the fact that Chris isn't Brendan Fraser. And since I like Chris and haven't seen the movie yet, I'm going to assume the latter, and not the former.


Since the last time I wrote about tv, I've seen a couple of the new shows.

Coupling was awful. NBC's been trying to position it as a replacement for Friends next year, but I just don't see that happening; Yes, there's a lot of sex talk on both shows, but the characters on Friends, whatever their foibles, are likeable (As opposed to the people on Coupling, who I wanted to see die, horribly and painfully, by the end of the first episode).

I watched an episode of Miss Match, and thought it was pretty ho-hum. The premise seems kind of dumb, and while I think she's cute, I don't think Alicia Silverstone is that good an actor. And while I don't think of myself having a super-sensitive antennae for latent misogynism, I couldn't help but notice that the show, while featuring a female lead, made women look pretty bad (At least the episode I saw).

I saw the last half of an episode of Las Vegas, and while I realize that may not have been completely fair to the show, I wasn't impressed. But that may be because it's just not an environment that's especially interesting to me.

I liked Joan of Arcadia more than I thought I would. I liked it enough that it's become one of my new "stories". It's got a great cast, it's not sticky sweet or sanctimonious, and I like the portrayal of "God" (To give you some frame-of-reference: To date, my favorite "God" in tv or movies has been George Burns in Oh God, followed by Alannis Morrisette in Dogma).

I wasn't knocked out by The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. (And what a crappy name for a show!), but it's hard to argue with that cast, and I might give it another try.

(In general, I've really noticed that tv shows are just filled with top-notch character actors these days, actors who have mostly done film up to this point--Joe Mantegna and Mary Steenburgen on Joan, Anthony LaPaglia on Without A Trace, Randy Quaid, Chris Penn, and Mare Winningham on Brotherhood, James Spader on The Practice. The list seems to go on and on.)


Feeling like I really want to get my act together her on D-land; If I don't write for a couple days, I feel overwhelmed when I do sit down to write, not sure what I want to say first or how to say it.


Very happy about something that happened recently...

Carrie and I had a "falling out" a while back. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say she was mad, I was mad, and it appeared that was going to be the end of a long friendship (This was the only remaining friend I had from high school).

I tried to convince myself "Well, who needs her anyway?". But I felt terrible about the whole thing; particularly wounding was when she wrote in her journal that she had never gotten as much out of the relationship as she'd put into it.

I imagine everyone who's ever had a "relationship" with me has had that feeling. I feel like I've tried, but have always been more of a "taker" than a "giver".

Anyway, I recently communicated with her, saying that I'd like to try to redress that imbalance in our relationship, and be friends again.

And she's game.

And just writing about this makes me feel a little better about things.

I think I'm going to drop her a line right now...


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