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12:35 a.m. - Thurs 12.11.2008
Hernia II: The Rare Sequel That's BETTER Than The Original

"Hernia II": The Rare Sequel That's BETTER Than The Original

Earlier today - very "earlier today" (My check-in time was at 6:15 this morning) - I had my hernia repair surgery.

I'm feeling pretty good, considering, but also pretty tired, so in the interest of saving my energy, here's the email I just wrote Jane Z. on the subject:

Well, I imagine you've had bigger online priorities than FACEBOOK (Where I posted a note earlier), but I WAS able to do my surgery today.

And I had only the briefest of second thoughts - "Well, maybe it would be all RIGHT if I couldn't do this today..." - after Cary dropped me off, and before the pre-surgery prep began in earnest.

But my sinuses passed muster, the surgery proceeded, and I'm pretty okay - When Cary came to get me, around 12:30, I was coherent and surprisingly ambulatory - though in the hours AFTER he dropped me off, whatever the hospital had given me wore off, and that, along with making a couple trips back and forth to my neighborhood Walgreens (In an effort to get my Vicodin prescription filled, which was more challenging than it should have been), made me realize that, yes, I DID have surgery today, and I am definitely NOT at full speed.

But again, I'm really not that bad; I was actually way LESS happy, physically, on Monday night - When my pre-surgery illness peaked, complete with watery eyes, runny/stuffy nose, blinding headache and, at one point, vomiting - than I have been at any point this evening (And I only broke out the Vicodin a few hours ago, after still being able to debate whether I actually "needed" it or not - I decided, "Why NOT, Jim? Live it up...!").

Earlier, filled with hospital drugs and optimism, I called JS, Brett, and Sharon (from LA Actors), and told all of them to put me back in the audition rotation on Monday (Which I'm guessing will cue my immediately getting an audition on Monday consisting of doing sit-ups for 15 or 20 minutes). But based on how I feel this evening, I'm pretty sure I could "power through" a TYPICAL audition, so I'm once again hoping to "sneak in" one more WIN before the year's over.

And that's pretty much the big news from here - Jim's doing fine, and will soon have another scar to add to the collection.

When Cary picked me up today (Thank you again Cary!), I told him something I don't think I've mentioned in here - I'd been more worried (About potential pain and suffering) than I let on (In here, or to anyone but Dr F.), because my last hernia (Back in MI in the early 90s) was a pretty rough experience...

While I was still dopey - and depressed - from the effects of the anesthesia, I remember them trying to get me to walk, and screaming in pain, sobbing like a baby, even though I liked Margaret K. (who was helping me out) a lot, and certainly didn't want her to see me being a big pussy (Thankfully, Margaret ended up advocating very forcefully on my behalf - I forget whether she was actually a nurse at that time, but she was at least a nursing student - and I was admitted to the hospital overnight).

So the discomfort I've felt this evening, at its worst, is a "walk in the park" compared to those extremely unpleasant memories of hernias gone by.


Not much else in the way of news to report (At this point, I think my biggest desire is to just have "news" that isn't medical in nature).

Well, it's not big news, but it's something, and at least it isn't "medical" - On Tuesday morning, I went to a place I've passed a number of times on Olympic Blvd, a place advertising "Instant Headshots", and had some new, ultra-cheap headshots done.

Since I'm currently rocking a mustache-free "look", I need to have at least one picture of that "look" online, for when "my people" submit me for things.

But since I don't know if I'm going to keep said "look" - depends mostly on the market demand/lack of demand for "clean-shaven Jim" - I didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a photo session - Hence, "Instant Headshots", and $75 to have about two-dozen pictures taken.

And I actually think I got at least a few pictures that will pass muster.

And I would have gotten more, actually, but when the photographer asked if the white background was okay, I said yes, and I think that was a mistake.

And as I told Jane when I spoke to her on the phone that night (When she called to wish me a happy hernia surgery), the pictures of me in a corduroy jacket, blue button-down dress shirt and red patterned tie look basically like I'm playing dress-up in Daddy's clothes - Since my substantial weight-loss, my only concession to really needing a new wardrobe has been to buy a couple pairs of jeans, as if my waistline was the only part of my body altered by losing over 75 lbs.

I think something from those shots is probably salvageable...but mostly not.

But happily, they're only about half of what I shot - mid-way through, I took off my over-sized dress clothes, and took the remaining photos in a black t-shirt.

So I don't think "Instant Headshots" was a total "win", but I put it all pretty much on Yours Truly.

But to end on a positive note, right now I only need one good shot, and I think I got at least a few good choices.

And I've learned an important lesson - next time, wear clothes that fit - and that's a lesson that will allow me to take advantage of what really is a pretty invaluable resource (Ultra-cheap headshots).

(At some point, when I figure out how to do it - or when the professionals have all weighed in - I'll let you see what all the fuss is about).

Nite all...


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