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1:19 pm - Sat 12/27/03


Friday 12/26/03 (6:20 p.m.)

Have been watching Brad W's dog "Nero" since Monday night, which is the big reason I haven't updated in D-land in awhile (That, and the fact that absolutely nothing is happening).

Had the Xmas thing with John O. and company yesterday. It was pretty mellow. I was a little nervous going in-- I don't know what I was expecting (20 naked gay guys slapping each others asses?)--but it was just John O., John's friend Rick and his date (Some Asian guy who slept most of the time I was there. I never got his name), and his nephew Mike, who's been staying with him for the past month or two.

We had lasagne (Which was really good; Italian sausage instead of hamburger is an excellent substitution), salad, pecan pie, ice cream, and oatmeal cookies.

(A question–What's the filling in "pecan pie"? It occurred to me yesterday that, whatever it is, that's really the "star of the show".)

We basically just watched tv, which was fine by me. Then when Rick and his date left, John and Mike and I took a stab at Trivial Pursuit, but nobody was really that into it, so we went back to the tv. Mike fell asleep, and John and I just watched tv while chatting about this and that (I like John, as I think has been established, so it was fun just to get to hang out with him).

I got there around 4:00, and left around 10:00, when I started feeling guilty about the dog (John had borrowed a friend's house for this little soiree, which was a mile or two from Brad's place. But let me tell you, it felt a lot longer walking there in the pouring rain–My car was at my house, and I didn't want to ride the bike in the rain, then have to leave it outside for hours).

Today was the first time in three days I've seen the sun. I started the dogsitting Monday nite, and the next two days were gray and rainy and just not the kind of weather you want to be having during a stint of dogsitting.

I had asked John O. some time previously what I might bring to the party, and he said "The lasagne chef likes peanut M&M's...". So I bought three bags of "party-sized" M&M's, but unfortunately, I left them at my apartment--which was further away from the party than Brad's place (And it was pouring rain pretty much all day)--so I'm taking them in to him when I go back to work on Saturday.


No time to add much more, but fortunately, not much is going on to add.

Still at Brad's with the dog through tomorrow morning.

It's been all right--I like his dog "Nero" well enough--but I end up mising my place, and my computer, and end up tiring myself out going back and forth.

And speaking of "going back and forth", I have to get my ass in gear and get back there--I walked the dog this morning around 8:30 (HIS schedule, not mine), and if I don't walk him before work, he won't get out again until around midnite.

Hope everyone had a great Xmas (I wanted to scan a card to all my "readership" on Xmas Day, but of course, suddenly my scanner didn't work. But oh well...).


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