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11:45 am - Mon 11/21/05
The \"House\" Situation

The House Situation

Just a quick update...

In a rather anti-climactic turn-of-events, I'm not shooting my House episode today after all; they changed the shooting schedule, and unfortunately, telling me about said change-via J.S.-somehow "fell through the cracks".

Early this morning, I called the one number I had for the show--a number I recently noticed was on the Fedex envelope for the script--and left a message. Then I called it again a couple hours later, getting a real person this time, who transferred me to an A.D., who then told me the score (Or at least as much of the score as she knew--All she could say for sure, since she wasn't at her desk, was that my scene wasn't on the schedule for today).

She said she wasn't really supposed to be talking to me, but that they'd be calling JS with my call time, which would likely be sometime on Wednesday.

So when I got off the phone with her, I left a message on JS's voicemail, telling them what was what.

And a short time ago, Anne, from the office, called to let me know she'd talked to the House people, who explained what happened, and told her that my scene had been moved to Wednesday (Though I guess I still don't have a specific call time at this point: I'm hoping it's in the morning, and wraps early, because otherwise I'm going to miss the last day of my ArcLight training, and will likely have to wait another week, as the next training cycle comes round and I can catch the day I'll have missed, before I can be put on the regular schedule).

Between this House snafu and an often-stressful week of ArcLight training, I feel completely wrung-out today.

I really haven't slept at all the past two days. And the blossoming cold sore on my bottom lip tells me I'm even more run-down then usual.


(12:39 p.m.)

Well, as apologies go, this has to be one of the best ever: Anne just called back, to let me know that House will be paying me for today.

I gotta tell ya, that eases a lot of my

And with that, I think I'm going to check movie times at the ArcLight, grab the gift certificate Carrie gave me, and go have myself a great day...

Please feel free to do likewise.


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