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10:18 pm - Mon 11.09.2009
\"I'm In The Band\" - Day II

I'm In The Band - Day 2

(Taping Castle, one of my usual Monday night "stories", so I can do this...)

My third and final day on I'm In The Band is tomorrow.

Unlike Friday, or today, it'll be a long one - My call time is 9:30 am, with the taping scheduled for 5-9:00 pm - and I'm expecting it'll have its challenges (More on that in a moment), but by and large, I'm expecting it to be a fun, exciting day.

I went into this, as I've said, having no experience with multi-camera shows, and today made me realize, again, that I'm really ignorant about how they actually work.

I assumed today would basically be like yesterday - rehearsal, then an afternoon run-through - but during the afternoon run-through, there'd be cameras.

But that's not what happened - The cameras were there throughout the day, everything seemed to be being taped, and there was no straight run-through.

I'm in three scenes (I have two lines in my first scene, then make an appearance in my second scene, then have another line in the third scene), and all I did today was the first scene, which they put on tape.

So I don't really know what to expect from tomorrow's audience taping - Am I going to do that first scene again in front of the audience, are they going to just show it on the monitor, or what?

Today was a very short day - my call was at 10:30 am, they broke for lunch from 2-3:00, and I was released for the day a little before 4:00 pm - which made the discomfort I felt with my costume pretty manageable.

My character wears special padded protective gear, and lots of it, and it's very hot, and very confining (I had to ask them to loosen the straps at one point, because my chest was constricted and I was having a hard time breathing).

The outfit's undoubtedly funny - not to mention important to the plot - I just worry about holding up if I have to wear it tomorrow two or three times longer than I did today.

But you know what? If I do, I'll deal.

Cause that's what you do.


While this gig isn't quite "in the bag" just yet, I do find myself starting to "think ahead" to Wednesday, to the FedEx commercial, and (hopefully) to the show at The Comedy Store Wednesday night.

The FedEx folks wanted to do a wardrobe fitting with me tomorrow, but clearly, I'm indisposed. So it looks like I'll be going in early on Wednesday to do it on set.

(I should have found time/made time to get my one suit - the one I wore to the audition - dry-cleaned, because they want me to bring it that day, and I'm afraid it's not going to be as "springtime fresh" as they and my fellow actors might like it to be.

But what can you do?

(That was something of a rhetorical question, but one answer, when my residuals start coming in, is "You can not procrastinate when it comes to dry-cleaning, and maybe spruce up your wardrobe a bit, buy another suit or two, and a couple of nice dress shirts". I don't like being downright embarrassed when wardrobe people ask me to "bring a few things in" for them to look at.)

My big worry right now, about the FedEx spot, is when it's going to shoot.

I don't want to cancel my gig at The Comedy Store Wednesday night, and am hoping I won't have to (Since I'm actually expecting some people to come see me this time).

(Actually, after seeing The Belly Room show last week - with four of my stand-up classmates performing and bringing the house down - I kind of did want to bail on performing this Wednesday. But not wanting to go on because I'm afraid I'll get shown up by my classmates, is just not acceptable. And I've since reminded myself that that's exactly how I felt during my debut at the Ha-Ha, and that went fine.)

Well, I could go on (And on and on - I'm feeling very "chatty" right now), but then I wouldn't be in bed, trying to get at least the best night's sleep I can before "the big day" tomorrow.

Nitey-nite, all...


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