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11:06 am - Weds 5/17/06
Older Than I Ever Intended To Be

Older Than I Ever Intended To Be

(A message to Gail--I haven't gotten any emails or e-cards from you. Where have you been sending things? My L.A. Freenet email address is a little f'ed-up right now, so I left a comment on one of your D-land entries asking you to use my hotmail address [email protected] never got a response. So ANYWAY...drop me a line, or give me a call--I'm in the book--cause I think it would be fun to get together at some juncture.)

Sat 5/13/06 (4:25 p.m.)

My 45th birthday is on Monday, and much to my surprise, cards and gifts have been pouring in from around the country (Okay, “pouring in” consists of three cards and two gifts, from here and from back in Lansing, but still, it’s pretty cool).

Mark and Jane are getting back from England tomorrow, and will be sending me a birthday-something in the mail (Along with my latest Sopranos/Big Love fix), and I’m visiting Cary and Kay tomorrow (And lest we forget, they’re fixing me up with that bike), so all-in-all, I’d have to rank this as a way-better-than-average birthday.

(The only way it could be improved is if the actual birthday day fell on one of my days off. But you can’t have everything, cause as Steven Wright says, “Where would you put it?”)

Sun 5/14/06 (8:38 a.m.)

I recently got an email from Don Z., telling me that

When we were in high school, our friend Lester worked in the high school principal's office for a time. He snooped at school records and saw that you had the highest IQ in our class.

Well, I’ve got some thoughts on that, as you might imagine, but for now, old “Brainiac” here is going back to bed...

Tues 5/16/06 (12:25 a.m.)

(Just saw yet another commercial I auditioned for, but didn’t book. At least it was really stupid, which eased the pain...a little. But anyway...)

A bit more excitement than I really wanted on my way to Cary and Kay’s on Sunday–the tread totally came off my left front tire.

I didn’t completely understand what had happened at first, since clearly I’d blown a tire, but there I was, still rolling merrily along (And it basically happened in two installments), but in any case, I knew it wasn’t good. And sure enough, when I got to Cary’s house, I saw I’d basically been driving on a balloon for about half my trip, and was pretty damned lucky I didn’t have a full-on blowout on the freeway (And when Cary came out with me to survey the situation, he said my left rear tire looked like it was about ten minutes from blowing out as well).

So he ended up paying for two new tires as a “birthday present” (Cause the bike and the $50 Target gift certificate just weren’t enough, you see).

Thank you, Cary.

Towards the end of our visit–which was very enjoyable, as always (I had a particularly good time chatting with Cary in their backyard)--I took a look at the bike.

I’d assumed going in that the bike would be fine, and suitable for my purposes (i.e. riding to and from work), but I have to say, I am way beyond “beggars can’t be choosers” here, and am delighted with my new transportation.

It’s a 24\" (Or maybe 26\") black Univega “touring bike”–I think. I don’t know much about bikes-from 1984(And it’s the first thing Kay bought with her own money, so it has a certain sentimental value, a fact making me even more grateful for the gift).

It’s very lightweight–were they making aluminum-frame bikes back then? Because it feels that light to me–with very thin (about 1\" wide) tires (Kay mentioned that her boyfriend at the time tricked out the bike a bit by, amongst other things, changing the original tires for the knobby ones on the bike now).

I took it to the bike place on Western yesterday, to have them give it a tune-up, move the shifters (They were on the frame, just above the front wheel, and very difficult for me to reach, tall as I am), and put on some replacement lights, since I broke my front light recently, and didn't have a mounting for the rear one (Considering the age of the bike, and the fact that it’s not been ridden in years, I was happily surprised that, beyond the tune-up, they didn’t suggest any other fixes).

So another birthday has come and gone...

The actual day itself passed without incident, but all in all, a better-than-average birthday.

Alan L. called me earlier today, to wish me happy birthday, and during our brief conversation, he mentioned that Jane sent an email to everyone on her theater email list, telling them my birthday was coming up.

I kinda wish he hadn't told me that. But anyway...

I find myself wanting to write about this and that and the other thing, but duty calls; I have to get to my Mailbox Express drop-off place, to get out a submission to The Shield before noon.


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