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3:45 pm - Thurs 7.01.2010


Have to make this a quick one...

Haven't been in the best of spirits lately - plans gone awry, career stuff not happening, etc - but the commercial check in today's mail does "ease the pain" a bit.

What else is going on? Not that much - like I said, career stuff is not happening; the voice-over audition I thought I had on Monday was non-union, so I declined it (Which is leading to ongoing angst and upset; I'm not supposed to do non-union stuff and don't really want to...but, to hear my voice-over person tell it, that apparently means passing on lots of voice-over work. But anyway...)

Had a bit of a dust-up at group Monday night; there's no time to get into it right now, but long story short, even in the "cold light of day" (Is that the phrase I'm looking for?), I feel ready to consider group "something I tried that didn't work out" (And I have tried - I don't remember exactly when I started, but it's been at least five or six months).

There's one person there I actively dislike - the reason I lost my cool Monday night - and three who, after however many months, still seem to have issues participating (To cut to the chase, I don't think group - at least this group - has anything left to offer me).

Almost time to get ready for my Thurs night WW meeting...where I'm hoping to weigh in within two pounds of my goal weight, cause I haven't had Jack-In-The-Box for probably a month now...and I really want me some Jack-In-The-Box.

I also really want to write about my trip back to MI, but the more time passes, the harder it seems - I have a lot more to say about it than "It was fun", but I'm trying to figure out how to say it in Diaryland-sized installments.

(To Be Continued...)


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