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10:00 AM - FRI 5.26.17
Kermit Rides Again

Kermit Rides Again

Where to begin...?

I guess the top story would be that I'm back on Shameless for Season 8!

(Which wouldn't be that much of a story - After all, it's been an annual event for awhile now - if I hadn't built up such an anxious head-of-steam over that "unresolved" plot-line around the Alibi. But anyway...)

Brett got a call from someone in Production yesterday ("Tawny", I believe it was?) - While she hasn't seen the script herself, word around town is I'm in the first episode, so they were calling to "pin" me, from the 9th-16th of next month (Meaning that's the week the episode will shoot - Most times, I'm just shooting for one day during the week).

Nothing is official till "the offer" comes in (Where they say when they want you, how much they're paying you, and what your credit will be), but I don't recall ever getting pinned for an episode then having it be rescinded.

And even if that did happen, it would still be general good news that I continue to be on the show...though I do like being in the first episode of a given season, so would be disappointed if that didn't happen.

I feel kind of stupid now, having let my anxiety get the best of me (And whatever nervousness I expressed about the show in here wasn't half of what I was feeling inside), but everything's fine now, and I'm not going to spend the rest of this entry beating myself myself up for having an overactive imagination.

A couple weird/fun bits of Shameless-related news...

1. I don't Google myself very often anymore, because I pretty much know what the results are - My social media stuff comes up, My IMDB page, mentions on some TV Wiki pages, and a bunch of bare bones entries on TV websites.

But I had the urge recently, for some reason, so I did, and a number of pages in, found myself on a "nude men" website, with screen captures of "The Scene" I did on Shameless.

It was a little horrifying, in and of itself, but what made things worse was that I'm pretty sure whoever posted it had access to unedited footage (i.e. They didn't just grab the scene that aired on TV - It had a couple "butt shots" I'm pretty certain didn't make the final cut for the episode).

That bothered me, in a betrayal-of-trust way, but in the big scheme of things, it doesn't really matter - It wasn't like the edited scene made me look really hot, and the extra shots "blew the illusion" (For what it's worth - The website had a five-star rating-system, and I got two stars. Which isn't great, clearly...but honestly, I was surprised I fared that well - I think it had to be because some people thought the shots of my big fake dong were the real thing).

2. Received an email recently, from someone in Texas, complimenting me on the show, and asking if I sell autographs (She didn't mention the website, so I don't think she was responding to that).

She (I'm assuming she's a she - It was an androgynous name, but the language and sentiments seemed feminine) said she was a big fan of the show (and of me), had turned friends on to it, and thought one of those friends would get a kick out of getting an autograph.

My first thoughts ran somewhere between "weird prank" and "scam", because I don't really "get" anyone wanting my autograph (And not just wanting it, but wanting it as a gift for a friend).

But when I couldn't figure out what the joke was, or what the scam would entail, I just assumed she couldn't connect with any of the stars of the show, then connected with me, and that was good enough (I just realized - Maybe an autographed picture of me as a "gift" to her friend is the joke. Which would be a semi-decent joke, in my mind. But anyway...).

I considered just sending her a picture without charging anything - because I grew up in an era when celebrities would sometimes do that (And I'm not even a celebrity. I'm just me) - but decided the times have changed, and since she came in with the expectation of paying for it (And particularly since she was going to "gift" someone with it), why not?

(I also thought, if it was something weird/sketchy, my naming a price might be the end of it right there - "OMG! I can't believe this guy actually thought someone would pay him for his autograph...! What an idiot!")

So it was weird - what do you charge someone for something you deem worthless? - but I decided on $25 (Which she paid me through Paypal), I got the name of her friend, an idea of what she wanted me to say, and I put it in the mail yesterday (Actually taking it to the Post Office, because I wasn't sure how much postage to put on it).

Anyway, there ya go - My life as a very, very minor "celebrity" (It strikes me as the kind of stuff that's basically fun and funny for me, since it's novel and I'm a nobody, but that might be a pain-in-the-ass if I were an actual celebrity and dealing with this stuff all the time).


I think I wrote recently about the difficulty of transitioning from the way I currently look to "Kermit" - Namely, it can pose a problem with auditions, since I'm not supposed to change the way I look between an audition and a callback (And certainly not between a callback and booking a job), but I might have to because of the show.

And, sure enough, that is potentially coming to pass (It's a weird time when I'm thinking, "I hope I don't have any auditions for awhile, so I can change my look without it fucking anything up").

Have had to keep my current look for the past number of weeks, because of the last audition I mentioned in here, where I got a callback, then was put on avail (Then, when the better part of a week passed with no news, and I thought it hadn't gone my way, my agent forwarded an email from casting saying it hadn't been decided yet, and "Thanks for your patience". But now another full week has passed, so this time, it really does seem to have "not gone my way". Or in other words, "Thanks for the extra twist of the knife, Motherfuckers!").

Then, while that avail is technically still active - I haven't been officially "released" from it yet -
I had another audition yesterday.

And I just got a notice for a new audition on Tuesday.

(These are all commercial auditions. I'm still deader-than-dead theatrically.)

So I couldn't shave before the last audition because I was still on avail for the previous audition, and I can't shave before Tuesday's audition because I might get a callback from yesterday's audition...which was really fun, btw.

It's feeling like another argument for "picking a look and sticking with it", so this kind of shit isn't a problem.

And since "Kermit" is the only "look" anyone is paying me for, that's probably the look I gotta stick my chagrin.


(Wondering if there's any other news to share...)

I was back at the Dentist on Monday, and in addition to addressing my somewhat problematic left molar (The bad news? It still ain't right), we did another little "tweak" on the cosmetics, closing up some more space on the right side.

Remember how I went on at some length in a previous entry about how I was feeling disappointed that things weren't "perfect", all the while realizing that "perfect" would actually look weird and fake?

Well, I think I actually hit the "sweet spot" I was looking for, where it looks "perfectly imperfect" - Nice, but not so perfect it draws attention to itself - I don't plan on doing anything else cosmetically until/unless something breaks or shakes loose or what-have-you.

(I am idly curious, when I do finally have to "do the deed" and shave the beard, whether I'll feel differently about my clean-shaven look vis-a-vis the new grill.)


(7:15 pm)

Well, I've spent pretty much the entire day in my apartment - I didn't go to my Weight Watchers meeting, I didn't Zumba, nothing (The only time I've been out of my apartment is to go to the Manager's Office to complain about my sinks - My kitchen sink barely works, and my bathroom sink is once again clogged and draining very slowly).

All I've done is (over) eat, jerk off, try to sleep, do a few minutes of YouTube guitar instruction, and this.

Which I guess is my way of saying "I hope you enjoyed this", because it's pretty much the only effort I've put into this day at all.

Because I care about you, the Diaryland reader.

(You're welcome.)


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