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11:53 am - Fri 11/11/05
Another Rung On The Ladder To Success

Another Rung On The Ladder To Success

Thurs 11/10/05 (9:30 p.m.)

Sometime back, Bill S. (A regular at the bookstore) gave me this quote from biologist Richard Dawkins:

I’m very prepared to believe that the deep questions of existence will prove to be far more mysterious than anything science has an inkling of at present, but that is not equivalent to saying that something else does have some understanding. If we come back in a thousand years, we would have our minds blown away by what science has discovered in the meantime, whereas religion or spirituality or mysticism will have discovered nothing more. They never have discovered anything.

(And now that I’ve offended all the believers amongst you, I can throw out that little slip of paper I’ve been carrying around for weeks...)

Another potentially offensive quote that, nevertheless, really amuses me, from Sarah Silverman:

I love how Palestinians and Jews hate each other. It’s cute. Honestly, what’s the difference? They’re brown. They have an odor. It’s like sweet potatoes hating yams.

Fri 11/11/05 (8:37 a.m.)

The House audition was yesterday...

I left the apartment a little after 10:00 a.m.–the audition was at 11:00–thinking I’d given myself plenty of time to get there, since it’s just a straight shot down Pico (Ever the cock-eyed optimist, I actually thought I’d be early). But between just finding the right gate, waiting in line while they checked ids, dealing with a confusing, jam-packed parking structure, and having little to no idea where I was going on the lot (For some reason, when they called JS, they wouldn’t give directions), I was almost 10 minutes late, and about to stroke-out from the stress–Every single casting director I’ve read in front of this year lists “lateness” as one of their biggest actor “pet peeves”.

(But it turned out being late wasn’t any big deal. They’d over-booked us, like a doctor’s office–On the lot, I ran into two actresses, also running late, who were auditioning for the same part, and they had 11:00 a.m. appointment times as well–so when we went in, we just signed up on a list and waited our turn.)

The audition itself? Very un-sexy and anti-climactic, to be honest.

I waited briefly with maybe a dozen or so other actors, in a very narrow hallway you could hardly turn around in (The casting director saw me, in passing, and said hello, calling me by name. Much to my embarrassment, I just had to go back to my “pocket journal” to see that her name is Janell Scuderi).

Then I was called into the room, very brief pleasantries were exchanged, I did my “slate”, the camera person had me do two takes of the line (“This guy must have been swimming in really cold water...”), and I was out the door.

I probably hadn’t been in the building for 5 minutes.

While trying to find my way back to the parking structure, I had to stop myself from going over the line again and again (It’s a terrible habit--the exact opposite of the “letting go” you need to do after an audition, if you want to maintain some semblance of sanity). Doing one line, with nothing to look at and no one responding to me...well, it was really impossible to gauge whether I had done well or not (Though, being me, when I don’t have a clear sense that things went well, I usually assume they went badly).

I also wondered about a “choice” I’d made: In the scene, the surgeon is using a laproscope (sp?) on a patient, and I mimed that action, best I could.

I didn’t know if it would be clear what I was doing, or if they’d just think, “What the hell’s he doing with his arms?”. But I decided, in the end, that it was better to have made a choice than not.

Talking to Cary a little later, I said I figured nothing was going to come of it--I’d just put it behind me, and hope my other “avail” (for Kellogs) came through–but late in the afternoon, I got an email from JS.

When I saw the subject line said “You’re on avail”, I thought, with some irrititation, “I know that already...” (Anne, from JS’s office, had left me a voice-mail about the “avail” for Kellogs, and now I thought JS himself was emailing me with the same news. That happens on occasion).

But the “avail” was actually for House.


If I book it, it would shoot a week from Monday, which is actually a scheduled day off from ArcLight training (And JS said they’d know by today, or Monday at the latest).

So that’s two avails in two days.

And out of two tv auditions, my record now stands at a “callback” and an avail (And who knows? Maybe a booking before the day’s out), which makes me think I really need to get more tv auditions!

The way I’m thinking right now, regarding House, is that even if I don’t book it, it’s something I can put in the “win column”; I know I sure didn’t hurt myself, getting an “avail” the first time they brought me in for something (It makes me think they’ll be that much more likely to remember me and call me in for something else).

But that said, I’d really like to book it--For the experience, for bragging rights, for having my friends see me on tv, and to have something nice to put on the resume (And to hold out to other casting directors and agents).

So if you would, think good thoughts about my getting this (And what the heck!–Let’s have me book the Kellog commercial too).

I’m way past ready to “take another step up the ladder of success” here...


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