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5:08 pm - Mon 4.20.2009
Toward A More \"Acting-Centric\" Lifestyle

Toward A More "Acting-Centric" Lifestyle

It came up in therapy almost two weeks ago, but today I finally applied to LA City College.

I also applied for financial aid, to pay for LA City College.

While it shouldn't have surprised me - it happens every time I try to do something positive and productive - I was surprised by my resistance to this (that it's happened less than two weeks after the subject came up is something of a land-speed record).

But I don't want this entry to devolve into why I was procrastinating, because "the deed is done"; I'm more interested, in the short time I've given myself, with explaining what I hope classes at LACC will do for me.

Actually, there are a number of reasons taking classes at LACC seems like a really good idea - from "getting me out of the house more", to "increasing my number of connections here in LA", to "sharpening my skills, so I can book more gigs" - but the primary appeal is "to have my life match up with what I've told myself I want, and what I've told anyone who would listen what I want", which is "to have my life more centered around acting".

I think that's critical for my "career", but it's also just the way I want to go through my days - It's been easy to lose sight of this, but that's the reason I came out here in the first place; I didn't want to work a day job, and have acting be the thing I did at the end of the day, when I was at my lowest ebb.

And the tragedy of the past eight years is that I've barely acted at all.

So applying at LACC, where I could take night classes (Hopefully for free, but at least "for cheap"), and be in plays (While theoretically continuing to work at WW and audition for commercials and tv during the day), seems like a good way to make my life more "acting-centric".

So we'll see what happens.


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