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10:40 pm - Mon 8.24.2009
Jim Lite

Jim Lite
Have had the day off today, with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Last night, I was kind of looking forward to it, but it's actually made me a little crazy today.

Have gotten dribs and drabs of things done, but mostly, it's been just me and the Internet, all day long.

(Read an interesting article the other day about why the Internet is so addictive - long story short, it constantly feeds, then satisfies, our inherent curiosity - but anyway...)

I did manage to write Margaret Z. earlier this evening, which is something I've been meaning to do for at least a week or so now.

I'm going to include it in here, because I think it's interesting - It's the same basic information I'd write in here, or tell a friend, or write in a private journal, but as "angst-free" as I can manage:

Dear Margaret,

Greetings from LA!

I hope you�re continuing to feel well, and enjoying the food and the company at your new place.

It struck me earlier today that I owed you a letter, so since my stand-up class isn�t happening tonite (The teacher is on vacation), this seems like the perfect time to get you caught up on my comings-and-goings...

In acting news, things have slowed down a bit, but two weeks ago I shot TWO tv shows in the same week, which was pretty exciting - I shot an episode of �Mad Men� on Monday, then an episode of �The Mentalist� on Thursday. Small parts, in both cases (The �Mad Men� role was the bigger of the two), but it was just fun to get to be on a set working - And of course, it was nice to be getting PAID too!

In the time since, I�ve had an audition for a tv show called �Castle�, but it doesn�t look like I got it, so it�s pretty much back to waiting for more auditions, so I can hopefully book a couple more jobs before the year is over.

There�s a chance I could still get cast in a movie I auditioned for a couple weeks ago. I�m hoping it�ll happen, because it was a really fun part (It�s a vampire movie, and I�d be a traveling salesman selling �vampire protection�); If I booked it, it might help my career - so wish me luck on that.

I�ve been taking classes, in improv and stand-up comedy, but - for now, anyway - I�m giving up the improv stuff.

I�ve been taking improv classes since the start of the year, spending money I don�t have, but more than six months down the road, I still feel like I don�t know what I�m doing. And to be honest, I�m just not enjoying myself, so I�m going to move on, and see if I can find something else to fill my time that I might enjoy more.

I still have a couple more weeks of the stand-up class, then there�ll be a showcase at The Comedy Store next month. I�m excited/nervous about that, since I�ve never done stand-up before, but, nervousness aside, I think it�ll just be fun to perform live again (I haven�t been in a play or performed in front of a live audience in quite awhile).

After the showcase, I don�t know if I�ll try to �go forward� with stand-up, or if just doing the showcase will be enough of a victory (Stand-up is something I�ve thought about doing for years and years, and never had the courage to try before). I�m hoping I�ll demonstrate enough of a talent for it that I�ll be motivated to go on, and it�ll help my acting career...but I guess time will tell on that.

In happy non-acting news, my friends Mark and Jane are coming out to visit next month. I�m really looking forward to it, cause I�ve only seen twice since I moved out to LA, eight years ago

The last time they came out, they stayed with me. But I�m a major-league slob, and I don�t even have a bedroom, let alone a �spare bedroom�, so this time they�re going to stay in a nearby hotel. Anyway, I�m looking forward to seeing the two of them (They�ll be here for a couple days), and am expecting a good time will be had by all.

And I guess that�s about it on this end.

All-in-all, things are going well. Things get stressful financially from time-to-time, but booking those two acting jobs helped my morale (And my pocketbook), and I�m hoping for more where that came from.

Take care of yourself, and drop me a line when you get the chance - I always enjoy hearing from you! :)


Not getting Castle was more disappointing than I let on to Margaret, because, for one thing, it was a "guest star" role, and I'm really ready to book one of those.

And after telling myself on Friday night that I hadn't booked it, I talked to Brett, and he told me it probably wouldn't be decided on till now I've been disappointed twice by the same audition!

I didn't write about the difficulties I've been having with stand-up, or the feelings of failure I've wrestled with around giving up on improv (Cause I'm supposed to be some all-around gifted performer, apparently), because she's got problems of her own, and doesn't really need to hear all that shit.

Falling asleep here - My sleep has been absolutely miserable lately - and I've got a relatively early wake-up call tomorrow, so I think I'm going to go to bed.

Sweet Dreams, Y'all...!


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