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10:34 am - Wednesday, Jun. 14, 2006
Little Jimmy's Big Hospital Adventure

Little Jimmy’s Big Hospital Adventure (With Additional Notes And Explanations By The Author)

Tues 6/13/06 (11:18 p.m.)

(Gotta warn ya–This is medical stuff, so we may veer into “tmi” at various points in the narrative. I apologize in advance for any nausea or discomfort you may experience.)

I’ve now been out of the hospital for two days.

And I guess I’d have to say “so far, so good”; I’m moving pretty slowly, but I’m moving, the discomfort I’m feeling is manageable, and yeah, I tire out pretty quickly, but it’s not like there’s anything critical I have to do right now--beyond “get better”–and I can lie down whenever I want to, so who cares?

And happily, stuff is going into the system (Hurray for eating!), and stuff is...working its way through the system (Though I gotta tell ya, I sure miss me a solid bowel movement, and not having to go to the toilet every time I feel a little “gas attack” coming on).

I didn’t ask Dr Hunter very much the last time I saw him at the hospital–I didn’t know what to ask, really (And he’d already given me the time I could return to work, and resume more strenuous physical activity)–but the two questions I did think of give you some idea of my current priorities in life, and seem to be the textbook definition of “Life’s Simple Pleasures”: I asked when I’d be able to ride my bike again, and when I’d be able to jerk off.

He gave me six weeks on the bike riding (“Not because of the riding, really”, he said, “but from the getting on and off, and the possibility of an accident”). And in the past two days, I’ve caught myself looking longingly at my bike–Ironically, I have all kinds of time to ride my bike around, it doesn’t cost anything (Important in these days of austerity), and I can’t do it.

Regarding self-pleasure, I actually correctly predicted what he would say, which was basically “whenever you want to” (Wasn’t experiencing a lot of horniness at the hospital, as you might imagine, and started to wonder, idly, when I’d feel “normal” in that regard).

Didn’t feel the urge yesterday, but today...well, let’s just say “All systems are go” in that regard (It had probably been a week-and-a-half or longer since I’ve enjoyed a little “physical release”, which is the longest I’ve gone without touching myself since sometime in the womb). And I think, seriously, I have felt so uncomfortable for so long now, that I just really, really wanted to feel good for at least a few moments.

One big thing I think about, when going over my week in the hospital in my mind, are the really extreme mood swings I went through in that seven-day period.

It was quite a week.

(To be continued...)


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