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10:17 am - Sunday, Oct. 03, 2004
Looking At Me/Looking At TV

Looking At Me/Looking At TV

I realize I left a couple things out of the "Headshot" entry...

Getting new headshots has brought up "the mustache issue" again (JS didn't bring it up, I just find myself "thinking about it" again).

I was thinking about shaving it off during the shoot, and doing some shots "with" and some "without", but I don't know if there's much point in that if I plan to keep the 'stash in real-life.

And part of me feels like it's stupid and shallow of me to keep it if it's hampering my commercial prospects.

But I already feel like I'm walking around "in costume", sporting a "look" I wouldn't have if "left to my own devices" (Lately, I've been thinking that I'd really like to buzz my hair down to stubble and grow a beard-and who gives a shit if it makes me look ten years older?--but I'm pretty sure it I did that, it would narrow my commercial "castability" down to nothing).

The fact that all this really is an "issue" still feels "weird" to me.


I've been enjoying the start of the new tv season...

I think I'm "trying out" more new shows this year than in quite awhile.

On Tuesday, I'm watching Veronica Mars, kind of an updated, grittier Nancy Drew. You have to "suspend some disbelief", of course--when does this kid go to class?--but so far, I've found the show pretty entertaining (I can't think of the actresses's name at the moment, but she's really cute, and does a great job. And Enrico Colatoni-sp?-plays the dad, which is just the kind of thing I could see myself doing on tv, if I start getting successful before I get too much older. Otherwise, I'll be playing "Gramps").

On Wednesday, I'm watching Lost and Kevin Hill.

Lost, created by JJ Abrams (Of Alias fame), has been great so far, easily my favorite of the new things I've watched up till now.

I share some people's misgiving's about where he's going to go with the premise--plane full of people with interesting "backstories" crashlands on a very unusual tropical island--but for now, I'm there.

Kevin Hill, with Taye Diggs as a hotshot, ladies-man lawyer who inherits his cousin's baby girl and has to learn how to deal with his new life, seems like another show, to me, that's going to be challenged to keep the premise interesting. But Diggs is very likeable, and the first episode "worked" for me.

I've been watching Joey, the Friends spinoff, and it's okay, it really is--Matt LeBlanc has become a very effective comic actor over the years--but I still find myself missing the "friends". But I plan to give it a little more time to make more of an impression; often, new shows need some time to "get on their feet".

Tonite, I plan on taping Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal.

I'm going to give Desperate Housewives a try, even though I don't know if it's really my "thing", because it's been well-reviewed, and because of one exchange of dialogue in the commercials:

Husband (In hospital bed): I can't believe you tried to kill me!

Wife: Yes, well I feel badly about that...

I feel like any show with that exchange between characters is worth at least a look.

I have a busload of misgivings about Boston Legal, the David Kelly spinoff from The Practice, but I enjoyed James Spader in the last year of The Practice, and I want to at least see what he's doing on this new show.

(My concerns? To me, William Shatner's "Denny Crane" character was getting tiresome before the end of The Practice. And if we're putting a lot of amoral characters into an amoral environment, who am I going to care about? And Kelly's shows all seem to spiral into annoying "quirkiness" eventually, and this one seems to have a potential jump-start on that process.)

I think starting this year I'm going to drop ER--I just don't care anymore (I think the death of "Dr Greene" was the "nail in the coffin" for me)--and start watching Without A Trace.

I started watching Without a Trace towards the end of last season, and enjoyed every episode (Though I find myself wondering--Does a real "Missing Persons Bureau" have as much luck as their fictional counterparts with finding people at all, let alone finding them alive? I haven't seen an episode of the show yet where they threw up their hands and said "Oh well...", or found the missing person in a series of shoeboxes. I know people wouldn't want to see that week after week, but it might add a touch of realism to have it happen every so often.

Well, I could go on at some length on television (Imagine if I had cable!), but another time, perhaps...


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