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6:23 pm - Thurs 8.28.2008
At Loose Ends

At Loose Ends

(Watching a three-episode marathon of The West Wing, that I recorded off Bravo earlier today...)

It's silly, but since I've sent out the Weight Watchers employment paperwork, I've been feeling like I need to "have fun while I can".

(As if working at Weight Watchers is going to be an eighty-hour-a-week commitment...)

I'm feeling "at loose ends" in general, and not sure what to do about it.

(Had to turn off West Wing - It was proving too entertaining for me to focus on what I'm doing here. But anyway...)

So where was I...? Loose ends, I don't know what to do with myself...I think I should be "sowing my wild oats", but I don't even know what would entail.

Had therapy with Javier yesterday...

I wasn't feeling good, either way you'd define "not feeling good" - I wasn't happy physically or emotionally (The emotional funk being due, in part, to tanking the Orbitz callback on Tuesday).

But speaking of therapy with Javier... Due to budgetary restrictions, he's going to have to go down to seeing me every other week (And that was a compromise measure on Javier's part - they wanted him to drop me altogether, but Javier suggested the "every other week" thing as an alternative).

I wasn't thrilled when he told me, because I need to talk to someone more than every other week (But on the positive side, without the opportunity to "vent" with Javier, I'll probably become much more "colorful" in here).

Javier suggested holding off on adjusting my availability at Weight Watchers, since at this point, there's no way to know if there's even going to be a problem.

In general, I'm feeling "in between" right now - waiting for the Weight Watchers thing to start happening, and waiting for the fall tv season to start (Very excited about the final season of The Shield).

(Excited about the fall season as an audience member, but also excited as an actor - I'm hoping things will pick up for me then.)

And I'm concerned about how the upcoming elections are going to go (I dare say, both of them - the battle for the White House, and the battle for the heart and soul of SAG - could have pretty serious repercussions on my life in the years ahead).

Well, before I head out for my evening constitutional (Which I'm hoping is made more comfortable thanks to some over-the-counter orthotics I purchased yesterday), I think I'm going to settle down for a heartwarming half-hour of The Simpsons...


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