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12:49 pm - Fri 2/23/07
The Next Maytag Repairman?

The Next Maytag Repairman?

As I begin, I'm at the Koreatown library, using one of their computers--I've been offline, for some reason (I'm assuming something is fucked-up at the LA Freenet) since Wednesday night.

I don't have time to write much--I've got to walk the dog, then get cleaned up, and head to Burank for an audition for a bit part on ER (As "Paranoid Man")--but wanted to write at least something to let you know I'm still alive-and-kicking (or at least "alive and having spasmodic muscle contractions").

The three-day, three-promo Comcast gig wrapped last night.

Long days, and it really wasn't very much like "acting".

(I miss acting.)

But it certainly wasn't all bad, either--The food was great (Have I ever mentioned how much I like "craft services"?), and those "long hours" are going to translate to some ten hours of over-time, which did a lot to "ease the pain"

But I'm working on a more detailed entry back at home, and will post it either when I'm back Online, or else when I can spend more time here.

Randy D., a "long time reader", recently directed my attention to a talent search for "The Next Maytag Repairman".

I was both intrigued and somewhat frightened by the idea; if you actually book something like that, it's as close to security as you can get as a working actor.

But would I want to spend the rest of my acting life as "The Maytag Repairman"...?

But it turns out to be a moot point--the LA auditions were a week ago, and I can't see going to Chicago or wherever to take a crack at it.

And on that note, since my time is running out, I must leave you...


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