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4:31 pm - Thurs 11/1/07
Madames and M'dears

Madames and M'dears

Well, I did that "blues jam" on Monday.

The place, called M'dears, is at 78th and Western (A location I was, to be honest, a little concerned about. But there was no one on the street when I parked, so no worries about a gang of toughs trying to steal my harmonicas, or anything like that).

M'dears advertises as a "bakery and bistro", so as you might imagine, it's really small; there were maybe 35 people at the height of the evening, and it was SRO (As I told Jane in an email, I was initially disappointed by that, but then realized it's perfect for me; get my act together at this place, where there are only a few people - mostly just the other "jammers" - so I won't be getting it together in front of a crowd).

Getting there before things actually started, I was the first one up (Next time, I'd like to go later, but I didn't want to be too late, and maybe not get a chance to play at all.)

I did three songs - "Next Time You See Me", "Steamroller", and "Money" (The last song is not the Isley Bros/Beatles song, nor the Pink Floyd song; it's an old blues song I used to sing sometimes when I'd get up to play with Tom H.) - and it went all right.

There were some sound level issues on the first song (With the harmonica), and troubles with the bridge on "Money" (I need to get better at communicating with a band if I'm going to do this sort of thing), but what audience there was seemed entertained, and the band was supportive (The keyboard player, Tadg H., was also one of the "Jam Camp" instructors, and he was very encouraging, telling me at two separate points that he hoped I'd come back).

The "jammers" were mostly harp and guitar players (There was one guy who came up to play bass, one drummer, and one guy on bari sax). And in my estimation, while some people were better than others, everyone could actually play.

Of course, I couldn't help but compare myself to the harp players.

While I thought two of the guys who got up sounded more like bonafide harp players than I do at this point, I think I was a better "show" (Which again, makes me think, "If I get my skill level up, maybe I could really do something with this...".).

Anyway, dreams of fronting a blues band aside, I have to get to work...


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