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2:27 am - Mon 2.01.2010
Mental Potpourri

A Mental Potpourri

I was out and about the other day, and as I saw a car go by with a dog sticking its head out the window, I wondered, "How do dogs know that's fun?".

And what's fun about it? I've assumed the wind feels good, but is it something else as well? Is the visual novelty of moving at high speed entertaining, like their version of watching tv? Are they sticking their heads out the window in order to smell the world flying past them?

What's going on there?


"I don't know if Satan rules the world, but man, he's had a couple of impressive wins lately."

Being an atheist (I've finally graduated from "agnostic" to "atheist"), I don't believe in a literal "Satan"...but I get what that Onion AV Club commenter means.

Health-care going down in flames (Thank you Massachusetts!), the Supreme Court giving the okay for big corporations to buy elections, Jay Leno getting the tonight show back over Conan O'Brien...It's hard not to feel like the bad guys are kicking serious good-guy ass these days.


Whether writing in here, or updating my Facebook status, the entry that comes after an entry about booking an acting gig always seems extremely anti-climactic.

Example - My follow-up Facebook status, after recently posting about booking Castle?

Back from the 99-cent store (Big scores? A package of Earthgrain Thin Buns, and four boxes of Weight Watchers snack cakes - Three "carrot", and one "lemon")

Thrilling, huh?


I think of myself as a very "self-involved" individual, a pretty accurate description, most of the time.

But the news about Borders closing showed me I do have some room in my head and heart for thoughts of others - Reading of Borders' fiscal woes left me worried for my old bookstore friends/family back in Lansing (Both in terms of Schuler Books having a close working relationship with Borders, and more generally, how, with online sales and e-books and Kindles and whatnot, it doesn't seem like a great time to be in the bookstore business in general). I hope they'll be okay.


In an effort to "keep hope alive"/not rule anything out, I recently looked (briefly) at the "personals" on Yahoo.

I didn't do anything about it (I didn't respond to any ads. I didn't even create a profile)...but it was a start.


Last Sunday, I saw a play with a friend from ArcLight days.

It reminded me that the one thing I'm not doing these days, in any meaningful way, is acting.


When I'm "comfortable" - Or whatever passes for "comfortable" in my head - I quickly become bored and long for excitement.

When things are "exciting", that usually means that things are uncertain and "in flux", and the thing I want more than anything else in the world is to just be comfortable.

It's a problem.


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