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3:27 pm - Sat 9/15/07
A Quick \"Monk\" Mention

A Quick Monk Mention

Don't have much time, so this won't be a complete entry on the Monk experience, but just wanted to say something about it before naptime.

Did my bit on Monk yesterday.

Should have been an easy trip, but with only two or three directions--to a mall in Woodland Hills (they were shooting "on location")--I managed to go the wrong way on Topanga Canyon Blvd for miles before realizing my error, and made it to the set just ten minutes before my call time.

It was a short day, as these things go--My call was for 12:30, and I was wrapped by 4:30 (It might have taken even less time, but they were having trouble with an electronic sign that figures prominently in the story, so that slowed things up a bit).

And to answer what is undoubtedly everyone's first question--No, I did not meet Tony Shalhoub; my "scene" was with "Lt. Disher", played by Jason...somebody.

...and I really am out of time.

I'll give you the "on the set" entry when I get home from work tonite.


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