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2:18 pm - Fri 12/12/03
Jim Goes To The Movies...Or TRIES To

Jim Goes To The Movies...Or Tries To
Fri 12/12/03 (12:44 p.m.)

I was going to catch an early matinee this morning at the Grove, since nothing I want to see is playing at the theaters in Los Feliz I normally go to. But sadly, things didn't work out as planned; after lounging around the lobby for a bit, I was about to head in to the theater that was playing The Cooler when the girl who'd taken my ticket told me there was a "projection problem" and they weren't going to be showing the movie after all.

I actually felt a little skeptical–I suspect I was the only one there to see The Cooler, and they didn't want to waste an entire theater on me–but what was I gonna say?

They were going to show The Last Samurai in that theater instead, so I could have seen that, but I opted to just get my money back and be on my way.

In addition to getting my money back, they gave me a free pass, so the day was not a total loss (I'll probably use the pass to see Return of the King on Wednesday). But I was disappointed that I'm now probably not going to see The Cooler till it comes out on video.

I don't go to the Grove very often, especially since they raised the price of their "matinee" $2.00–to $8.75–but their latest "innovation" insures that I'll make a point of not going there in the future; they now have kiosks where you order and pay for your popcorn and soft drinks (At this point, they haven't figured out how to dispense your order right then and there–You still have to go to the counter and get your large Coke from an actual human–but in time I'm sure they'll work out that little "flaw in the system").

I hate this kind of thing. Unlike ATM's, which are undeniably convenient, this sort of thing has nothing to do with my "convenience"–how is making a formerly one-step process a two-step process make my life easier?–and everything to do with a fucking corporation where the message is, "No matter how little we pay our workers, it's too much".

And while interacting with service people doesn't typically rock my world, at least it's interaction. I go to the movies, in part, because it involves being "out in the world", interacting with people.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. And I've gotta get my pre-work nap in.

Later on, movie fans...


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