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2:32 pm - Thurs 12.10.2009
An Entry Before Napping

An Entry Before Napping

Want to take a nap at 3:00, so I need to make this quick (My way of apologizing for any typos/grammatical errors...)

Thought I was going to see Up In The Air on Tuesday, but it wasn't playing in Los Feliz, where I go to see my movies on the cheap; instead, I went to see Precious at the Olympic Regal (More expensive than Los Feliz, but less expensive then The Grove or ArcLight, or " the rich people theaters", as I think of them).

I still plan on seeing Up In The Air - I'm sure it'll end up in Los Feliz soon - but I'm really glad things worked out the way they did, cause I thought Precious was amazing; not a movie for everyone (Not everyone enjoys movies this "emotionally challenging" - There are scenes in this movie that are very difficult to watch) but for me, it did what movies are supposed to do - It showed me a world I'd have no other way into, introduced me to characters I'd probably never meet in real life, it made me think, and it touched me.

(And to my surprise, for a movie this emotionally brutal at times, it even made me laugh.)

Not too shabby for $8.75


When I saw an envelope from JS in today's mail, I thought "The FedEx check is finally here!", but it wasn't FedEx - It was actually another AT&T check (For the commercial I shot back in January of last year).

That's nice, especially since I recall hoping for a check from AT&T, to help me stay afloat till my nationals start running (Which, with any luck, will happen any minute now).

Anyway, between todays money (There was also a small residual check for my Gilmore Girls episode), and FedEx, and the pittance I make at Weight Watchers (A little more of a pittance than usual, since I'm doing a lot of "fills", and this is the time of year where attendance starts spiking), I should be okay for January.

(And after that, hopefully I'll have booked something else and/or my commercials will have started there long run on tv screens near you.)

And on that happy thought, I'm off to nap-time...


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