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2:53 pm - Fri 6/27/03
Jim and Nero

Jim and Nero

Weds 6/25/03 3:13 pm

Quick–very quick–entry; I'm about to go out for lunch/dinner/whatever with Anita, an internet friend I'm meeting for the first time (Even though she lives here in California, maybe an hour away).

Well, between booking the gig, doing the commercial, and the afterglow, I got three or four days of good feeling from the HBO thing.

That's gone now (But it will return soon, I know, what with the arrival of my check, the airing of the commercial, the fun of having people see said commercial, etc and so forth. But now, It's back to business as usual here in Jimlandia).

Been staying at Brad W.'s ( a coworker/friend who's on vacation), the past two nights, dogsitting for "Nero", a handsome-and-high-spirited mutt (Part Black Lab, and part...other stuff). I was a little nervous at first–I've only ever done this once before, years ago–because I was afraid the dog would be hurt or take ill or what-have-you, or else I'd do something stupid like lock myself out of Brad's apartment, but so far so good. The dog is alive at this writing, and the keys to Brad's place are in my pocket.


Home once more...

Got back earlier this afternoon (Brad's due back at some point today). I have to work at 4:30 today, so I had to come back early, to get cleaned up and whatnot, since I hadn't brought any clean clothes or cleansing products with me to Brad's.

Walked Nero when I got up, shortly before 7:00 (Apparently, the light in the room doesn't have anything to do with my early rising), and walked him again shortly before I left, around 10:30. Made sure he had food and water, turned on the radio and the living room light, wrote a note to Brad, then said goodbye to Nero, and was on my way.

It was a pretty uneventful little stint.

Regarding the dog...I was a little chagrined when I took him on our first walk, and he pooped six times (And I'd only brought one bag). People said afterwards that he was probably "nervous" (Which was likely the case, since he never went more than twice after that).

The only other excitement was when I was walking him, night before last, and we ran into a woman walking her Boxer; Nero went for him, and to my horror, the clasp that the leash was connected to came loose from his collar (Fortunately, the Boxer immediately assumed a submissive posture, I was able to pull Nero away, and no harm was done).

Brad doesn't have cable, so without a nice antennae like mine, he has no tv reception.

And while I think he has a computer--there's a Powerbook box in his closet--I guess he took it with him.

So for Jim, this was a lot like "camping out"...except that his apartment's a lot nicer than mine (He's got a spacious one-bedroom, causing me to wonder how he can afford it), he has a nice DVD collection (I watched about seven movies), and there was free food and beverages.

So I felt a little bit at loose ends, without tv or the Internet, but I wasn't too deprived.

On Wednesday, while riding home from Brad's (To get my Internet fix, and move my car), I had to hit my brakes hard when a guy came barrelling out of a driveway right in front of me.

My bike wheels were of two minds as to how to respond to this situation; The front wheel stopped, while the rear wheel elected to keep going.

The bike went up on one end, and after a valiant effort to keep my balance, I went over, with the bike on top of me.

I was embarrassed, and my right knee still hurts a little, but more than any pain or embarrassment, I was mad because the back wheel got...messed-up, shall we say, and I just knew it was going to cost just about $50 to repair (Brad had paid me $50 to watch Nero).

(Sure enough, the repair was $53 and change, which made it official; It doesn't pay for me to be grateful. Seems like every time I am, the thing that I'm grateful for gets taken away from me.)

Well, it's off to work (It's 3:30, and I have to get an early start, so I can pick up a new rear headlight from the dollar store).

Sorry for the long absence--I actually get annoyed when the online journals I read don't update for awhile--but I plan to make up for it in the next couple days.

See ya...


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