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2:12 pm - Sun 8/21/05
\"Dancing Cheek To Cheek\" (With My Neurosis)

"Dancing Cheek To Cheek" (With My Neurosis)

(Hey, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented and emailed regarding my last entry. I appreciated the feedback.)

Tues 8/16/05 (8:48 a.m.)

Barring unforeseen circumstances, looks like I’ll be picking up my new cat a week from this coming Sunday.

I think it’ll be nice to have a little extra life in the apartment.


JS called me about an audition yesterday.

I was happy to get the call, as always, happy enough that it was hours before I realized I probably can’t go–It’s for a buffet-style restaurant chain called Golden Corral (I’ve never heard of it), which I’m assuming would be a conflict with Jack-In-The-Box.

Sat 8/20/05 (3:10 p.m.)

Just got back from my second casting director “workshop” of the day (This one was with Celia Joseph at CBS; the earlier one was with Bridgette White w/Monica Swann Casting, who have done Veronica Mars and Smallville, amongst other things).

I’ve got to go off to work in a few minutes, which is the one thing that’s gonna keep this from being a near-perfect day. Otherwise, I’d be taking a nap right now, then maybe catching a late matinee somewhere...but perhaps best not to dream of things that cannot be, and instead appreciate the half “near-perfect day” I did have...

Sun 8/21/05 (1:25 p.m.)

As I begin, I’m watching The Barkleys Of Broadway, the last--and probably least--of five movies in the new Astaire and Rogers Collection (Vol I).

(For the record , the other movies in the set are Top Hat, Follow The Fleet, Swing Time, and Shall We Dance?.)

I worked in the Multimedia section all day yesterday, and in the evening, an older couple came in looking for the box set in question (We didn’t have it--We only received three, for some reason, and I bought one of them–but we have five more on order).

The woman said she likes to watch Fred Astaire movies when she’s “not feeling well”, and it struck me—That’s exactly why I bought the set (Even though I felt a guilty pang about it–With my book credit and the 20% discount, I still ended up spending over $25 for it, which is $25 I don’t have).

I’ve been in rough shape for awhile now, feeling a vise of anxiety and stress squeezing the life out of me–The commercial thing’s not happening the way I want it to, I’m not making enough at the bookstore, I’m not pushing the Notary stuff the way I need to, I’m feeling like I’ve lost a step or two physically (A point of growing concern, though I still haven’t managed to be concerned enough to get to a doctor), and all this is happening while the only thing I really want to do with myself (The only thing I want to do with myself that I can do in public anyways) continues to elude me.

So Jimmy needed some “escapism”...

But more on “Fred & Ginger” (And “Jim & His Emotional Problems”) later. Right now, I’m going to see if I can’t “escape to Dreamland”...


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