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3:33 pm - Fri 9/15/06
A Little \"Nip\" Here, A Little \"Tuck\" There

A Little "Nip" Here, A Little "Tuck" There

Well, here's some good news that I hope becomes great news in the days ahead: I am "on avail" for Nip/Tuck (For basically the next two weeks).

It's not for the role I went in for ("Van", a prison guard), but instead, for the "Deputy", which is actually a larger part that shoots more days (And presumably, pays more money).

When I talked to Brett earlier today, he said he'd submitted me for both roles, but apparently, they didn't think my credits justified calling me in for the larger part (The casting agency--UDK--is a large agency, and very tough to get into).

But apparently, they saw something they liked, something that justified considering me for the larger part, we are.

And under the heading of "shows you how much I know", I didn't feel particularly good about the initial audition on Wednesday or the callback at Paramount yesterday.

At the callback, while I was in the Nip/Tuck office with the other prison guard hopefuls, I saw Charles Haid come in. I realized he was the director of the episode, and for some reason, that made me very nervous (Charles Haid was a regular on Hill Street Blues, who in the years since has since become a very in-demand tv director. And for the record, he's the first person I've gone in front of for one of these things that I've recognized).

I was nervous enough that when they called me in, I totally blanked on the first of my four lines, and had to "take a moment" to think of what it was (Fortunately, I didn't have a "cue". Afterwards, I worried about what that "moment" must have looked like, but apparently, it didn't look as bad as I'd thought).

So anyway, please think a good thought, cross your fingers, say a prayer, burn some incense, etc., for me to book this. It feels like it would be a huge "get".

(But even if I don't get it--and I'll be very disappointed if I don't get it, don't get me wrong--it's still pretty friggin' cool. I made a good enough impression that they're considering me for a part they didn't think my resume justified calling me in for, so I have to believe that means they'll keep me in mind for other things if I don't book this.)


You've probably noticed by now that my pictures are no longer at the top of this page.

And if you try to "comment" on an entry, you'll notice you can't.

My Diaryland "SuperGold" membership has expired (Some kind soul had sprang for the last three months, which I very much appreciated).

If some other kind soul wants to "help a brother out", I'd certainly appreciate that as well (If I book this Nip/Tuck gig, I'm considering giving myself the present of a year's "SuperGold" membership. On the other hand, if I don't book Nip/Tuck, I'm considering giving myself the "consolation prize" of a year's "SuperGold" membership).

In the meantime, I'll keep writing, and if you want to "comment" on an entry, or just say hi, you can email me.

I'd like that.


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