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2:32 pm - Tues 9/19/06
Nippin' & Tuckin'

Nippin'& Tuckin'

Well call me "butter", cause I'm on a roll...

Got the news late this morning: I booked Nip/Tuck!

It's a seven-day co-star role (I'm mildly disappointed about that--I was hoping for a "guest-star" credit--but I definitely can "deal with the pain").

I'm going in for a wardrobe fitting tomorrow at Noon.

I'm scheduled to shoot on Thursday and Friday, then I'm "on hold" Monday-Wednesday (Which means they can call me in if they need to), then I shoot again next Thursday and Friday.

And not to be all about the money or anything, but it pays almost four thousand dollars.

As you might imagine, I'm feeling pretty damned chipper right about now...

I got the news as I was walking into a callback (for the Bahamas Tourism Board commercial I auditioned for last week). Which is nice news to get as you're walking into an audition.

The premise of the Bahamas spot is that I'm a perpetually unhappy guy coming home from work, where a "Bahamavention" of family and friends awaits me.

As I protest ("I don't need a 'Bahamavention'. I'm happy"), my wife shows slides of supposedly joyous events--the birth of our son, my winning the lottery, etc.--with me still looking dour.

Finally, I see the light ("Help me turn this frown upside-down..."), as we all share a group hug.

At the callback, they had a group of people go in, then the actor playing the "hero" left, and they brought me in to play the scene with the same "family".

They took a good amount of time with me, feeding me extra lines, redirecting my performance, etc, and they were clearly very amused by what I was doing.

And I was further encouraged, as we left, when the actress who'd played my "wife" came up to me, having done the scene with me and the guy before me, and said, "You were really good. And they really liked you...".

Is it greedy of me to want to get this too...? Cause I really do.

In any case, if I do book it, that'll shoot next month.

As I write this, I'm thinking "Did I call everyone I need to call about Nip/Tuck...?".

I called JS (To let him know, in the event of commercial audition conflicts), I called Brett and Molly (My "management team"), I called ArcLight (To get the necessary days off), I called Cary (To share the good news, and to strategize, in case I need a loan till I get the Nip/Tuck check, since I'll be missing at least four days at ArcLight), and I even called Casey R., since he was nice enough to call me after the initial audition...but I haven't called Mark, Lady's owner, to tell him there might be some conflicts with the dog-walking (I don't know my call times at this point, so it may work out. But I want to give him a head's-up, "just in case"; I don't want to spring this on him Wednesday night, when he won't be able to do anything about it).

I'd better do that now, while I'm thinking of it...then I'll probably be back, to do a little more singing and dancing about my good news!


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