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10:07 pm - Tues 11.23.2010
Working My Way Back To \"Normal\"

Working My Way Back To "Normal"

I'm high.

Not sure why the same drug that "wasn't working" after surgery is doing the trick now...but here we are (Which creates a dilemma - It's taking two at a time to "do the trick", and I'm not supposed to take more than 6 in a 24 hour period. What to do...?)

Trying to think if there's anything interesting to say about my ongoing recovery...

Well, I found this interesting/odd - Exploring my mouth with my tongue (Since no one else will), the only thing I find that feels like a "point of contact" with the radio-frequency "wand" (The "tongue reduction" appliance) is a cold sore-ish growth on my upper upper palate that seems to have changed since the last time I explored it with my tongue.

Not sure what to make of that - Did kindly Dr A. decide to "help a brother out" and throw in the palate reduction? Did he decide to do it instead of the tongue reduction (thinking, perhaps, that it would be more efficacious in my situation)? Is it possible "mistakes were made", and I'm going to be billed by his office for $750?

I don't know. I just don't know.

Worked my normal Tuesday WW meeting today. It was all right, but given my druthers (What ARE "druthers", anyway?), I would rather not have.

I'm pretty high-functioning at this point, all things considered, but I'm clearly not at full-power.

Which actually makes me glad I haven't had an audition - Hard to imagine I'd be terribly convincing right now in any role other than "Guy Recovering From A Septoplasty and Tongue Reduction".

I guess the big question is whether I'm breathing/sleeping better (That would be "The Big Question" if I were asking the questions, anyway).

And the answer is "not yet"; I've been told it varies from person to person how quickly these things happen. I was hoping to have a big "So THIS is what breathing is like...!" experience, but if that dramatic moment is going to happen, it hasn't happened yet.

I'm still working my way back to "normal", while hoping, sometime soon, to have a new definition of "normal" when it comes to breathing and sleeping and such.


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