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7:41 am - Mon 9/26/11
The Show That Must Not Be Named

The Show That Must Not Be Named

Started an entry a couple days ago, but when I went back to it, wasn't happy with what I'd written...and here we are.

Anyway...Did my second episode of the Disney show this past week (I was on a three-day contract, but only worked two days).

Like with Shameless, my favorite part of the experience was just that I was back.

There's a nice feeling of accomplishment in that (not to mention a nice feeling of making money!). But more than anything, I like getting past that "new kid in class", day-player feeling.

So that alone made the experience more fun, but it was also nice that my scenes this time involved more people; The last time, I only worked with two of the series regulars, but this time, in addition to the regulars, my scenes involved another actor (Who will probably be back, cause he was pretty funny), and a number of extras.

We rehearsed on Wednesday, then I was "on hold" Thursday (which worked out well, cause I was then able to do a commercial audition that morning), and we did the audience taping on Friday.

(Oh, that was different too; We didn't have an audience for my first episode. And I was disappointed, because taping in front of an audience is still a novel experience for me - I've only done it once before, for I'm In The Band - so I was glad it happened this time out.)

It seemed to go well (The experience as a whole, and the audience taping in particular), to the extent where I feel hopeful about my chances for going back.

(The writer of the episode expressed interest in my coming back, which certainly felt encouraging.)

I'm really wishing I could write more about the specifics of my character and what I've done so far, and just write more specifically about the show itself (Since the people who read my journal are not the "target audience" for the show, I'd be more comfortable writing about the ins-and-outs of my experience than if it were a show you'd normally watch).

But even though it seems unlikely that my little journal, with my handful of readers, would come to the attention of Casting (or the Producers), it certain could, and I'm not supposed to be sharing any "specifics" about the show.

And I don't want to get booted from a recurring gig because of Diaryland.

Typically, I have a letdown after I've finished a gig - because I have to return to humdrum "real life" and all that - and this time hasn't been an exception.

Except, it's nice to have the potential of more gigs - from this show and from Shameless - down the road.

I want more, to be sure, but I'd be crazy if I couldn't see that things are clearly going in the right direction...


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