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4:12 pm - Tues 8/7/07
On Call

On Call

I'm "on call" for jury duty this week.

I was hoping I'd be called in yesterday, not get picked for a jury, and that would be that, but so far, no such luck--I've called the check-in number two days running and haven't gotten called in yet.

I've served on a jury once before, in small claims court--I guess you can ask for a jury in small claims, and our guy did--and as a first-time experience, it was kinda/sorta/semi- interesting. But now, since ArcLight doesn't pay for jury service, and all it would mean is X number of days I wouldn't be available for auditions, I'm pretty much over it.

Anyway, that's the big "news" these days--I have jury duty, or I'm "on call" for jury duty at this point, and I'm not thrilled about it.

Not much happening on the career front.

I had four commercial auditions last month, and two callbacks, and my last two casting workshops went very well, so I'm trying to take comfort from the fact that when I get the opportunity, I'm getting the job done. But I'd like to be 1)Getting more opportunities, and 2)Booking gigs.

I'd particularly like to be getting calls for tv stuff--I can't book decent co-star roles if I don't get the auditions.

Work's been hit-or-miss...had a pretty rough night on Saturday, but the past two days have been all right.

Thinking about work recently, and how I'd rather not be working a "straight job" at all--at ArcLight, or anywhere else--led me to think about the money I've made this year from acting (primarily from commercials).

I haven't made enough money to quit work altogether and be a full-time actor, which makes me sad, but I have made enough money...

1. To put $5000 into a CD.
2. To contribute to my IRA for the first time since I opened it (As a rollover from my Borders 401K).
3. To have a healthy savings account.
4. (Ditto for checking)
5. To start making payments to Mark & Jane, and Cary & Kay, for the money they've loaned me over the past couple years (Money that allowed me to hang out in LA long enough to make the money I'm making this year).
6. To pay my own air fare back to Michigan this month (And make arrangements for the trip without having to bother Cary and Kay about it).
7. To qualify for SAG health insurance (Which is nice on two levels--I have insurance, which is a good thing, and it means I made X amount of money, which feels like an accomplishment on a professional level).
8. To afford to treat myself to this harmonica "Jam Camp" thing in October.
9. To pay off all my credit cards, and not have to charge anything on them in the time since.
10. To feel more comfortable socializing, since money is not so much of an issue.

I've been struggling with some pretty unhappy feelings of late, but that's a reminder that my life could be, and has been, worse in the six years I've been out here.

But I'm out of time. I gotta go...


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