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9:16 AM - 05.29.23

Overdue for #2

In my last entry, I wrote about Death.

And then I got sick.


(I'm joking, of course...kinda.)

Anyway...I have been unwell the past couple days (not COVID). But as I told Jane mere moments ago, I am "cautiously optimistic" as to my prognosis, because I woke up today feeling a bit better and can currently breathe freely through my right nostril (The left is still blocked up a bit).

So here's hoping for a full recovery in the next 24 hours - I have a dentist appointment tomorrow that I don't want to cancel. And Jane is blowing into town in the next couple of days and I would like to be fully recovered before that happens (And I definitely would like to not be sick as we head to Vero Beach FL for our next film festival).

Speaking of film festivals, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but Acting Like Nothing Is Wrong won "Best Feature Documentary" at the Boomtown Film Festival and the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.

(Philadelphia was a particular surprise - When Jane didn't hear about the win in a timely fashion, because festivals typically tell the winners well before it's announced to the general public, we assumed the prize-winning streak was over.)

When the film festival thing started, I don't know that I expected we'd get anything at all - I didn't know if it was "that kind of film" (whatever "that kind of film" means) - but I remember talking with Jane about wanting, if I had to choose, "audience favorite" awards.

But now I'm realizing that audience awards are pretty "circumstantial" - If your film screens early on, maybe audiences don't want to give it the highest marks, because what if the next film they see is even better? Or maybe your really-good film plays in a 75-seat theater but the other guy's really-good film plays in a 120-seat theater - so I'm now more pumped for the film to get jury awards.

(But don't get me wrong - I'll basically take the film getting anything. I just like that people are seeing the film and digging it. To me, the awards are just a "material manifestation" that people liked what they saw.

I continue to hope that somehow, some way, the film will make some money somewhere down the line. Not for me, so much - though I imagine if lightning struck and the film made some serious bank, Jane would give me a little taste - as for Dick and Jane, who have put a serious amount of their own money into the project, cutting pretty deeply into their savings

It would also be nice if this film had enough success that she could get non-Dick and Jane funding for the next one (If there is a next one. She doesn't have any plans for one at this point - at least no plans she's shared with me - but "never say never").

For me, I think the value of having the film succeed beyond film festivals would be a "further down the line" kind of thing (Adding to my "name recognition or what-have-you).

One idea Kimberly floated that has a certain appeal is making the film available, either to screen by itself or as a package deal with me and Jane, to interested organizations (Female filmmakers, foster care advocates, mental health professionals, etc).

It's hard for me to imagine enough interest there that becoming a public speaker behind the film will be a full-time job. But at this point, any income that gets me from here to there would be welcomed.

Some people who have seen the film, and heard me talking about the "redemptive third act" that I've been waiting for, have approached me afterward to say, "I think the film is your redemptive third act".

And I kind of like the idea that, by saying "yes" to the film, I created that "redemptive third act".

And if nothing happens with the film beyond what's happened, I'm still further ahead than if I'd said, "No thanks" (It's impossible for me to imagine my life circumstances being better if I'd said no).

But I'm still hoping part of the " third act redemption" will involve not having to worry about money for the remainder of my journey

(Well, while I'm feeling better than I have been, I'm still a sleepy boy - more on that later - so I think I'm going to lay myself down and see what happens...)


(12:34 pm)

Picketed with Josh for a second time this past Thursday (I'm wearing my "SAG-AFTRA supports the WGA" T-Shirt as I write this).

This time we were at Netflix, and we stayed a little longer (about 2 1/2 hours, versus 2 hours at Disney).

Being hardened old hands at this by now, we were disappointed by the food this time out - No sandwiches or coffee, and we almost didn't get to the single box of doughnuts in time - but I was still happy we'd done it (And this was when I got the aforementioned T-shirt).

Far as I know, no headway has been made yet - I haven't read anything about more talks or anything like that - and I'm nervous about 2023 becoming "The Year When Nothing Happened" in terms of acting.

But I don't think the WGA - Or SAG, for that matter - wants anything that isn't fair. Just a fighting chance to have actual careers, instead of part-time jobs.

And if we don't fight for our jobs now, I don't know that there'll be much left to fight for later (I'm hoping that, if the AMPTP - Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers - won't budge now, they will if/when everybody is on strike and business shuts down altogether).

One thing that I think has been effective - As my experience with Loot demonstrated - is when the WGA has picketed shows in production, because that's lost money for producers that could have been used to wait out a strike.

But again, I don't know what the current state of production is at this point. I imagine the picketing I read about had a chilling effect on other shows going forward, so there may already not be much going on.

Anyway, I just hope that things get happily resolved.

I guess time will tell.


In medical news...was pleased with myself recently when I finally "pulled the trigger" on setting up doctor and dentist appointments (I'd been procrastinating for quite a while).

There are no pressing medical/dental situations I need to address, far as I know. But in both instances, I'm kind of "starting up a new thing" - My PCP is no longer at Bob Hope Medical, so I need a new person there. And on the dental side, I'll be starting up at a new place altogether (speaking of "procrastinating", I've been going to a dentist's office in Whittier for years, when there's a Western Dental within walking distance from my apartment) - and it's about time I go in for my yearly check-ups.

(To my chagrin, it's also time for another colonoscopy - I had the one, after I turned 50, but I'm overdue for #2. Not much fun, but more fun than inoperable colon cancer, I imagine.)


(Just had a bowl of Cheerios - Not something I'd typically deem important enough to share with you. But I'm happy about it because, not having much food in the house at the moment, I was considering a fast-food lunch.)

Typically, on Mondays at this time, I'd be at GenSpace, in my drawing class, but it's closed for the holiday (And I won't be able to go to Tuesday's thing, because of the aforementioned dental appointment. And in a week, I'll be in Florida).

I mention GenSpace because recently, when I was pondering what non-acting thing might be palatable part-time employment, I thought of GenSpace.

It's within walking distance, it doesn't seem as if it would be overly demanding/stressful, and it would be more meaningful, less humiliating employment than bagging groceries at Ralphs or what-have-you.

Being who I am, it might take me a while to gear up to actually ask about it, but it's something in my head I imagine won't go away until I ask about it.

Let me be clear - I continue not to want any non-acting job. I'd like to run out the last part of my life just acting and pursuing my personal interests (Like drawing, and writing in here). But if I had to get a non-acting job, it feels like I could do worse than GenSpace.

And on that note, I think I'll wrap this puppy up.

(Till next time...)



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