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3:44 pm - Sat 2/18/06
Overhearing and Chiming In

Overhearing and Chiming In Guy

Had "retail training" at the theater on Thursday night--typically a day off--and worked a few hours in the gift shop last night (I'd overheard Chris D. asking a coworker if they wanted to take the last part of his closing shift and chimed in, "If they don't want it, I'll take it!". So after five hours doing box office, I walked about ten yards over to the gift shop, and did another two hours there).

Tonite, after my six-hour Zone 2 concessions shift, I'll be closing usher in Zone 1 (Similar deal, with the overhearing and the chiming in and whatnot).

So now I can do concessions, box office, ushering, and the gift shop; once I'm trained as "Usher Greeter" (And what kind of "training" can there be, I'm wondering? Basically, all it entails is going into each theater in your "zone" and making the "Welcome to ArcLight" announcement. Which I've already done once, when the actual Usher Greeter got tied up in another theater), I feel like I'll be a well-rounded enough ArcLight employee to either, A. Get scheduled for more hours, or, B. Be able to do a lot of the aforementioned "overhearing and chiming in" when people don't want to close and are looking for someone to take the hours.

I know this is boring, and it's me doing more justifying myself, which I said I didn't want to do in here. But it's stuff I have to address, and really, it's more me justifying myself for myself, not because you'll think I'm "lazy" or "not trying hard enough", or whatever (Like you care).

I'm just trying to feel like I'm really doing what I can do to make things work.

And speaking of work...

I have to get going.


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