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11:12 am - Mon 9.27.2010
Pie - It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Pie - It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Was starting to think the day would never come, but - barring some last-minute, cruel twist-of-fate - I am finally having lunch with Shelley at House of Pies.

In less than two hours.

I'm a little nervous, but not over-much. There should be a wealth of things to talk about (Since we know nothing of each other, really, beyond the fact that we're both actors and Weight Watchers).

And however anxious I sometimes get going into social situations, in reality, "talking" is something I'm fairly good at (Though the "plan", such as it is, it to keep the conversation more directed on her than on me).

So anyway, that's a thing that's happening, and I expect a good time to be had by all.


Still thinking about Mr. Sunshine...

Re-reading my last entry, it strikes me as an interesting contradiction - At the same time I'm hungry for more to do as an actor, I'm still struggling (At least in my mind) to successfully execute the smallest co-star role.

It crossed my mind after the shoot, as it has before, that getting the small parts I've gotten thus far has been a good thing, because it really has been "on-the-job training"; add up all the jobs I've booked since coming out here, and it's basically the equivalent to working a month or so at a regular job...spread out over almost ten years.

The acting I can do - At this point, I certainly haven't been handed anything that challenges me on that front, after a lifetime of theater - but I feel like I'm still working on being comfortable with the "technical aspects" of the job.

(I haven't given myself enough time to get into this the way I'd like, but I definitely want to address what I'm talking about in my next entry.)


I don't think I've mentioned this yet, and it's clearly worth mentioning...I've been called twice in the past few weeks (First by Desiree, the assistant, then by Lydia, the group Leader), and invited to come back to group.

Mara, the group member I had "issues" with, was apparently recently invited not to be in the group anymore (Which was interesting, because in a previous conversation, Lydia had told me that was something she couldn't do - basically "fire" Mara from the group - so I'm guessing there was more friction with Mara and other group members after I left).

Anyway, Lydia invited me to come back, telling me that the other group members had been asking about me (And whether I was going to be coming back now that Mara was gone).

That surprised me somehow, and definitely made me feel good (I didn't just leave because of Mara, but also, in part, because I was starting to wonder what, exactly, I had to offer the other group members).

But if they got enough from my being there to want me back, and Mara's not there to piss on everything...I'm up for giving it another try.

Why not?


Well, I think it's time to get ready for my lunch date...!


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