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10:26 AM - Mon 5.17.21

Plain Old "Old"

Well, I'm two days into my 60th year... far so good...I guess.

While I'm not nuts about the number - feels like a definite demarcation between "getting older" and just being "old" - and I've been sliding in and out of a partially age-related funk for a while now, my "special day" was actually quite enjoyable (Starting the "holiday season" right, the day before I'd gotten a birthday parcel from Mark and Jane Z., with some fun little gifties, a generous Target gift certificate, and a very generous check as a"donation" to my IRA - I'm currently awaiting Fidelity's approval of my credit union so I can make the deposit).

On my birthday, had the morning to do my typical not-much-of-anything (I'm watching a lot of YouTube videos these days, often on my TV), then in the afternoon, went over to Jane's place, where she let me open some of my presents before we headed to House of Pies to meet up with Cary and Kay (And their son Donovan), Josh, and Mike M.

(Tim G. was also invited but got turned around on the time, so he didn't make it.)

It was a lot of fun. There was pleasant conversation...and more gifties, which is something I always enjoy.

And since it was my birthday, it was nice having food I liked (A "Western Burger" with fries, followed up by cherry pie "a la mode") without having to feel guilty about it (I did feel mildly guilty about the unexpected extra little birthday dessert, courtesy of the restaurant, that came after the pie...but what can you do? Sometimes in life, you just have to "play the hand you're dealt"),

But beyond the fun of it, having these people I feel particularly close to in one place did remind me of my good fortune - Yes, I get sad sometimes that we don't really "hang out" much (I may not have much to do these days, but they're actual adults with actual adult jobs and responsibilities), but the fact that these quality people find me of interest enough to spend time with me my birthday? That's not nothing.

(Seriously, it struck me afterward that the people assembled were all people I know would help me out of a jam if at all possible. And - not to be too macabre here - they compromised most of the people on Earth who, were I to hear of their deaths, would rate more than a passing, "Really? Oh, that's too bad...!")

And Jane was the one who made it all possible. I was actually leaning toward not doing anything, this year, save for maybe going out to dinner with her (Not sure why - I've had birthday lunches or dinners with some formulation of this group before and always enjoyed it. But between COVID concerns leading up to it, along with a certain existential dread of the day - and a persistent general fear that I'll ask and people won't be able to do it - I was thinking, "Maybe we just let this one slide by...").

But sometimes people who care about you actually know what you need better than you do yourself (Don't get me wrong - They mostly don't. But sometimes they do).

And if I'm honest, it scratched a secret little "itch" I've had for decades, which is to have someone else organize a birthday thing for me.

(So thanks Jane - For this...and all the other stuff.)

While it wasn't really "birthday-related", the sense of a festive weekend continued when Jane had me and Seth and a friend of his over for dinner last night (Seth was our DP for the lion's-share of the film, and has become our friend in the process).

It feels safe to say "a good time was had by all".

Now I get another week of Jane before she heads back to Santa Fe to attend to some personal "bidness" (Which may take a week or longer, depending - Personally, I'm pulling for the "week" end of the scale).

And what non-Jane-related activities do I have on the horizon?

(Insert "crickets" sound effect here)

Fielding auditions when they come in - feel like I'm still struggling to "get my groove on" in that regard - doing Cameos when they come in (I've had three so far this month, in addition to my first "Memmo", which is a Cameo-like service based out of Sweden), and just trying to keep myself entertained (I tend towards "passive entertainment" but am working on upping the "active entertainment" ante).

And I think that's it from here - Right now, I'm going to do some very basic personal maintenance, then head to Target to see how I'm gonna spend my birthday bucks.

Till next time...



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