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8:24 pm - 05.29.2012
Posting The Post-Its

Posting The Post-Its

(Every so often, I like to clear my computer desk of all the post-it notes where I've written down something that was of interest to me in a given moment.)

Some favorite movies I forget about when I try to think of "Favorite Movies":

1. Almost Famous
2. Hannah and her Sisters
3. Thelma and Louise
4. Amelie
5. Fabulous Baker Boys
6. Out of Sight


Some favorite tv shows (Some of which are "no longer with us"):

1. Justified
2. Louie
3. Friday Night Lights
4. Community
5. Breaking Bad
6. Men Of A Certain Age
7. Parks & Recreation


"The only thing standing between me and greatness is me."

-Woody Allen-

(I'm not 100% sure that's true of Yours Truly...but I'd like to believe it. I'd like to think I have "greatness" within, and it's just a question of "getting out of my own way".)


Awhile back, I was reading an article on on the "Occupy Movement" (And in particular, on incidents of police brutality towards the protesters), and two reader comments after the article really struck me (police brutality pun not intended):

When exporting Democracy, make sure your domestic supply doesn't run low.

Pepper spray is for dangerous people, not inconvenient ones.


For some reason, I was thinking about the game of Monopoly one day, and it occurred to me that I can't remember ever playing a full game.

I'm not as impressed with myself as I used to be.

A short list of directors whose films I will automatically be interested in seeing:

1.Wes Anderson
2. Paul Thomas Anderson
3. Tom McCarthy
4. Alexander Payne
5. Joel & Ethan Coen


I am generally more anxious than the situation warrants.

The majority of the time, I'm not interested in what people are saying. I'm often troubled by this.

Sometimes I think it would be enough if I just didn't feel so uncomfortable all the time (And yes, I am speaking of physical and mental discomfort).

What's "out there" for me, beyond Acting? I honestly don't know.

I'm embarrassed and ashamed of how consistently, deeply unhappy I am when my friends find love.

Dysphoria: Emotional state characterized by anxiety, depression, or unease.

The last time I went to Chinatown, I bought two little Buddha figures for my collection, and a new switchblade.

I thought that was an interesting juxtaposition...


I've rarely watched competitive figure-skating, but I was looking for something to watch on tv sometime back, and stopped on a channel just long enough to watch a figure-skating routine by Caroline Zhang (Who I'd never heard of, because as I said, I don't "follow" figure-skating).

I don't remember what the music was, but it was so beautiful, and the routine so utterly perfect, I actually "misted up" a bit while watching.

I'm still a little "weirded out" by that...


There's an exchange of dialogue in an episode of The Simpsons that perfectly describes how I feel about being presented with a "challenge".

It's in the episode where Bart and Lisa are in a military academy, and Lisa is having a particularly hard time because she's the lone girl in the all-boys school:

Bart: I thought you wanted a challenge?

Lisa: I wanted a challenge I could DO!


In my reading awhile back, I came across the word "apostate", and when I found out what it meant, I wrote on a sticky note, "I am an apostate", referring to the fact that I was "saved" as a child, but am not a Christian today (I'm "agnostic-leaning-heavily-towards-atheist").

But thinking about it now, I'm not sure I am an "Apostate" - I don't know if I really believed, or if I really wanted to believe...but ultimately couldn't.


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