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2:27 pm - Tues 12/5/06
How many \"C\"'s Are In \"Raccoon\"?

How Many "C"'s Are In "Raccoon"?
Well, the big news in Jimlandia is that my Bahamas commercial is going to start airing this Monday (I wish I could tell you when and where to be watching, but I have no idea. I think it's going to start first on cable, then the networks, but I'm not sure).

(If you see it before I do, could you do me a favor, and let me know when and where you saw it? Thank you, one and all.)

I emailed the producer today, to ask about getting a copy of the spot. Then, when my email was returned as "undeliverable", I called, got the right address, and emailed her back with my mailing address. But anyway...

This was her email back to me:

You need sand between your toes. Monte rules and is my fav spot! It airs on
Monday! Check out starting on Monday

For some reason, I've become wary of compliments since being out here, assuming that I'm being bullshitted at every turn.

But I can't see any reason she'd need to b.s. me at this point, so I'm going to say "Hurray!", assume things worked out really well, and cross my fingers for the spot having a long, profitable life.


I got my new headshots back from Karianne this past week.

The person who once emailed me to say I should have retouched the "unsightly" dark circles under my eyes will be disappointed--If anything, my "raccoon eyes" are even more prominent in the new shots--but that aside, I'm pretty happy with how things came out. I think I got a wider range of "looks" (Maybe because I felt freer to be "silly" with Karianne than I did with my last photographer), and I feel confident that I got both good commercial and theatrical shots.

(I have an appointment with JS this weekend, so he can look at the proofs and tell me what he thinks; I've also had some ACG people look them over and mark their favorites. With Brett, I may just choose some I like, and let him choose from them.)


Speaking of my "raccoon look", some time back Jane sent me a clipping about Hylexin, an undereye cream, which is not supposed to be just a "concealer", but which actually reduces the dark circles, through the miracle of modern cosmetic science.

I sort of forgot about it, because it's pretty expensive shit--$95 a tube, to be exact--but when I recently saw an add for the stuff online, I found myself thinking about it again, wondering if the stuff would work well enough to make an appreciable difference in my appearance/in the way casting people see me.

So expensive or not, I may have to give it a try, as an experiment in "career advancement" (Though it's hard to say--As an actor, do my dark circles hurt me, or do they make me more "distinctive looking" and "character-y"? I'd guess they limit me more than they help me--I don't really need the dark circles to look like a "character"--but who knows?).

And speaking of "pretty expensive shit"...

The last time I went to the Doctor at QueensCare, I told her I was having more problems sleeping, because I had become increasingly congested in the past couple weeks, particularly overnight (For awhile now, I've been wearing Breathe-Right strips--or the store brand alternative--and using anti-snoring spray, and it seemed like it was helping. But lately, I'm back to not sleeping at night, and feeling like the walking dead during the day).

The Doctor asked some questions, and looked up my nose, then gave me an antihistamine, and a prescription for Beconase, a nasal spray.

It took me awhile to fill the prescription, but a couple days ago, I stopped at the drugstore, and paid over $100 for this stuff.

So between that, and the two boxes of Breathe-Right strips I bought--on sale--it's currently costing me $125 to breathe clearly at night.

(I'm also supposed to get some X-rays, and make an appointment with the staff ENT guy, which I haven't done yet.)

Well, as I've said before, I could go on, but if I did, then I wouldn't be napping...


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