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9:30 pm - Weds 4.07.2010
Fame and Fortune (And Frost-Free Refrigerators)

Fame and Fortune (And Frost-Free Refrigerators)

(Continue to duck writing in here...but in order to not get bogged down and angst-y about my ongoing journaling "issues", I'll just move on...)

There's something I keep meaning to write about, and keep not writing about...

It's pretty mundane, but here it is - I have a frost-free refrigerator.

You are no doubt thinking, "Who cares?".

Well, I care, because I didn't have a self-defrosting refrigerator for years (For about ten years before I moved to LA); And as a result - and because, out of a combo of laziness and ignorance, I would frequently let the freezer become a solid block of ice - I rarely kept frozen food.

Now, with my self-defrosting fridge, my freezer houses, at any given time, extra bread bought on sale, berries (Which I like to heat up with a container of low-fat yogurt), cauliflower and/or broccoli, frozen dinners, WW one-point ice cream bars, Boca burgers, etc.

I was out here for years before it struck me that I was no longer periodically hacking at the icy build-up in my freezer with a butter-knife, and instead, with no muss or fuss, was actually storing food in my freezer.

And I liked it.

My point, if there is one? It's very easy, when little things take a turn for the better, to forget to take notice.

And while I'm embarrassed to express sentiments that would be more at home on an embroidered pillow, I'm guessing the secret to happiness really is about "gratitude", and "appreciating the small stuff".

So I'm stating for the record - I really like having a self-defrosting refrigerator.


Helped my upstairs neighbor move out on Monday.

Honestly? I really didn't want to, for various reasons, but particularly because my right shoulder has been hurting for awhile now, and I didn't think a day of hauling boxes from here to there would exactly help matters.

But I've been watching his tv for weeks now (With a 27" screen, it's an improvement on my 19", especially since my picture tube's starting to go).

And now I have his stereo as well - since he was moving into a single room smaller than the tiny "bachelor" he was in here, I'm "storing" it for him - so what was I going to do? Say no? "Thanks for the use of the tv and stereo, but you're on your own with moving"?

Besides, it's extremely rare to have anyone ask me for a favor, so considering all the big-time favors people have done for me over the years...well, I can't be the guy who needs help all the time, but is never willing to help.

That's just not right.

So I spent the day helping Mark move - from his 2nd floor apartment, to a room on 3rd and Western, a short distance away.

And happily, my shoulder held up fine - It hurts still, but no worse than it did before - but my legs are killing me (I always think about the lifting involved in moving; I never think about all the stair-climbing).

I found myself checking out his new place - It's basically like a room at the Y, size-wise - wondering if it was something I could do if the need arose (Or maybe even if the need doesn't arise); it's kind of like a dorm, or a boarding-house, with a communal kitchen area and a bathroom down the hall (Two bathrooms, actually - mens and womens).

It's $500 a month, utilities paid, with free high-speed internet, and a cleaning service takes care of the common areas (Well, the bathrooms at least; I'm not sure about the kitchen).

It would require a major down-sizing on my part...but if I had to do it, it would be a more preferable option than pretty much anything else I could imagine for the price (And they don't take a deposit).

(I found all this interesting because, in the first six months or so of last year, I was thinking I might have to find cheaper digs.)

Anyway, we started at 11:00, and were done around 5:00 or 5:30.

And he was clearly appreciative, which was nice (He'd offered me money at one point, which I declined...because it's not exactly doing someone a favor if you take money, is it?).

And even with my poor sore legs, I was ultimately glad I chose to help him out.

Thurs 4/8/10 (2:10 am)

I don't have much time to get into this - If I stay up much later, it's going to basically ruin my day - but I did want to at least address one of the things I've been avoiding in here.

And really, not just in here, but in my life in general.

And that thing is "admitting I want the things I want".

And one of those things is an ancient "want" that I've told myself I didn't want, that I've tried to "talk myself out of" over the years.

I want to be famous.

I really do.

In my heart of hearts, despite how unlikely it might be, in spite of the fact that I know it's "shallow", that I know it won't make me happy...I want to be hugely successful.

And right now, that's the point - Not to say why it's not "realistic", or why it won't get me what I want (Even if I achieve it), but just to admit that the desire - the hunger - is there.

And has really never gone away.

But right now, I "hunger" to get some sleep


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