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10:27 am - Friday, Feb. 02, 2007
One Repulsive Dude

One Repulsive Dude

Where to start...?

Had a commercial callback yesterday for The Learning Channel (As a friend of the "hero").

Not sure how the promo sells TLC--the bit is basically the guy's wife catching him and his friends in their "man fort" (a.k.a. an SUV), watching dvds--but since I'm not in charge of advertising for TLC, I guess I don't need to know. I just have to "sell the bit".

It went all right, I think. There wasn't much to it, but what there was was kind of fun, and I left feeling like "this could happen".

I'm hoping I'll get a call today--cause I want to book everything I go out for--but it won't be the end of the world if I don't.

If I could choose--if I had to choose--which of my recent commercial auditions I'd want to book, it would be a toss-up between Applebees and Comcast; the Applebees spot was kind of lame, but would probably run a lot and be a network national, while the Comcast spot was more fun, but would probably only be a regional cable spot (Though I imagine it would run a lot too).

The conflict of "Art" and "Commerce"...

So far this year, I've had seven commercial auditions, with two callbacks and one booking (And three of the seven auditions were this week, so it's
possible that callback ratio could be going up).

Theatrically, last month was pretty disappointing--There was the Criminal Minds audition on the 5th, and that was it.

But on Wednesday, I dropped some new headshots off to Brett and Molly, who are sending out "packets" of the PMG client roster to 30 casting directors.

I'm very enthused about what they're doing, because I think casting directors will take more notice of this than they would of your garden-variety single submission. I hope so, anyway.

But back to commercials...

From reports I'm getting, the "Bahamavention" spot is still running, which is nice--As I've said before, the desire here is to book more things while it's still running, and thus have a decent "stream of income" this year.

A couple weeks back, Brett told me the spot was on YouTube, so of course, I had to check it out (Not so much to see the spot--I have it on dvd now--but to read what people were saying about it).

I knew there was a risk going in--I think it's a successful spot, but that doesn't mean everyone's going to like it (Or its "Leading Man")--but like I said, I had to "check it out".

And for the most part, the comments were very positive, focusing on how "hilarious" the spot is.

But one comment consisted of quoting one of my lines--"I want sand between my toes"--then writing "Man that is one repulsive dude" (Italics added).

I was a bit stung, being sensitive about my appearance like I am.

But honestly? That's what I said to myself when I first saw the thing.

I'd like to be a handsome man, but I'm not. Now all I can hope for as a "consolation prize" is getting a lot of work as "One Repulsive Dude".


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