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9:03 am - Weds 7.22.2009
A Sermon From \"Reverend Jim\"

A Sermon From "Reverend Jim"

My third audition of the past two days is less than two hours away...

It's for a new show called Eastwick, based on the movie The Witches Of Eastwick, starting this fall on ABC.

I'm going in for the role of "Pastor Tim" (I went in for the role of "minister" on Ghost Whisperer yesterday, and have auditioned for men of the cloth a number of times before).

I'd say the most exciting thing about this audition - beyond that it's maybe the biggest co-star thing I've gone in for (I'm doing a sermon from the pulpit), is that it's potentially a recurring role.

In a word, getting a "recurring" role would be huge for me.

A quick report on yesterday's action...

I had trouble getting to the right gate for Ghost Whisperer (The audition was at Universal, at 11:00 am), and was ten minutes late, which was apparently a bigger deal to me than anyone else (I had a pretty anxious moment or two before I got to where I needed to go, and had called Brett, so he could give a head's up to casting that I was running late).

After that drama, the actual audition was very anti-climactic; it was for a minister at grave-side, but the casting person told me, by way of direction, that no one liked the deceased, and the minister didn't know him, so she didn't want me to do a moving oration, but instead, deliver the lines in a pretty perfunctory way.

Not exactly what actors like to hear - Not this actor, anyway.

(When I have more time, I want to write about the "function" of most co-star roles. But anyway...)

So I did my lines in a pretty perfunctory way, feeling (As I often do) like they might as well have picked someone out from a headshot, and went home.

My Mad Men audition was in the afternoon (Pushed back to 4:15, from an original time of 3:30), and I rode my bike there, since it was less than three miles away.

I still managed to have a little trouble - I entered the lot where I wasn't supposed to (I'd parked my bike on the street, and walked onto the lot), and had to walk around till I found the pedestrian entrance.

But the bigger deal, that I didn't notice till maybe 15 minutes before I went in to read, was that I had sweated through my t-shirt and my dress shirt (I was wearing a light blue dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, and a dark tie); my stomach was completely wet, to the point where I looked like I'd spilled something on myself.

So I got some paper towels out of the bathroom, and rubbed and dabbed and did what I could, and then just told myself that looking like a bit of a mess wasn't that bad for this character (A commercial editor at the firm, and not one of the "above the line" guys).

And apparently, I was onto something; I was pretty nervous, and concerned that I initially had a bit of difficulty with the first line (Which is actually going to be a voice-over when you see the episode), but the director (This was a "producer session") had me do it a couple times, and gave me direction, which had me thinking afterward, "Okay, clearly he saw something he liked, or he wouldn't have taken the time to work with me...".

And I was right - They called my agent shortly after I auditioned; I am "pinned" (The theatrical version of being "on avail") from the 24th to Aug 3rd, meaning I'm "on the short list" of people being considered for the role.

Of course, I'll be bummed if I don't get it - it could go either way, really - but still, to know that I went in for one of the best things on tv, and they looked at me, and I got within shouting distance of being cast...well, that's pretty encouraging (And I have to tell myself, "If they liked me this time, they'll remember me for something else, even if I don't get this...".

But speaking of "getting things", I've got to go book this Eastwick role...!

See ya!


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