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11:19 am - Sat 8/6/05
Jim Takes A Roommate

Jim Takes A Roommate

Well, I guess the top story this hour is that I have a cat.

Or I will have a cat, anyway; Right after my last entry, I checked my email, and there was something from David, "Kipper's" owner--The other person who was in the running had flaked out, so he congratulated me, and said he'd be in touch (Actually, three people responded to his ad initially. I was just the last one standing).

As I told Kathy B. in an email earlier today, I feel a bit defensive when I write about this in here, as if you're all wondering just what the hell I think I'm doing--"Aren't you the guy always crying about how poor you are, Jim?"--but I know that's really me being defensive with myself.

And that being the case, here's my argument on my own behalf: I'm making, I believe, the more positive choice. Instead of saying I'm too "poor" to take care of a cat, or that I'm somehow "emotionally deficient" or what-have-you, I'm electing to believe it can't be wrong to want to love something, to take care of something, to have a little furry companionship in my life.


Right on the heels of my saying that "Agent Nights" kind of suck, and I'm going to stick with casting director "workshops", on Thursday I had a "workshop" that was really disappointing.

It was nothing terrible, really. The CD--Trish Debski--was nice, and I did fine with the scene, but the scene itself was kind of lame; I felt cheated, frankly, because most of the other scenes were more dramatic, or funny, or...well, just more, if you know what I mean.

It made me realize once again that I am very competitive about this stuff. I don't want to just "do well"; I want the "A+", the "gold star". I want the casting director to say "Jim, where have you been all my life...?" (In a strictly professional sense, of course).

And on Thursday, I was not that guy, not because I didn't do well, but because I just didn't have much to work with.

Hopefully, the one today will be better (To add insult to injury, I took the Metro there on Thursday, and when it was over, I went back to the station...only to see it was blocked off because of a bomb scare. I was able to take a bus as far as Hollywood and Vine, but had to walk all the way home from there, which could be a D-land entry all by itself).

Speaking of which...There's more to write about--Didn't even get into the Signing Agency stuff--but I've got to hit the road. I've got a "workshop" in less than an hour.

See ya...


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