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4:09 pm - Thurs 4.02.2009
\"Hard To Satisfy\" Is Hardly Satisfying

Being "Hard To Satisfy" Is Hardly Satisfying

(Not giving myself much time - have to leave for my Thursday night WW meeting in about 20 minutes - but thought I'd get a brief entry in...)

Feeling like my priorities might be a little off - I just got another check in the mail this afternoon (Another residual check for AT&T, for $213. That's the third in pretty quick succession), but instead of being happy about it, I'm feeling "stressed"; In yesterday's mail, I received the "quarterly income report" from social services, which I need to fill out for my food stamp eligibility.

I don't want food stamps I don't need and am not entitled to, but by the same token, I don't want to be screwed if/when the time comes and I need them again, because the one month in the quarter they checked my income just happened to be the one month I actually had income.

Don't get me wrong - Better to have some money coming in than not - but it would have been nice if either A) It had come in before I felt I needed to apply for food stamps, or B) It came in after I mailed out the report.

Another "I'm not thinking right" part of the equation - Food Stamps are not so I can keep ahead of money problems, but theoretically because I don't have enough money to buy food right now.

Anyway, I'm going to see someone who works in the "Quarterly Report" part of Social Services on Monday.

And I'm going to assume things will work out the way they're supposed to, and the way I described it once before - I'll be honest about my income, whatever it is, stay in Social Services good graces, and thus, I will get the help if I need it, and I won't if I don't.

Seems reasonable, wouldn't you say?

And on that note, I've gotta run.


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