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1:26 PM - 01.11.20

Saturday Afternoon On Location

Haven’t timed this well - I’m going to be drawn away just as I begin here - but am on location for my second commercial in three days.

And as you might guess, I am highly enthused about this development.

While I wouldn’t say shooting the first commercial on Thursday was “hard”, I kind of expect this one to be easier still (Though I’ve been trying not to think along those kind of lines - the urge to “control and predict”, as Jane Z would say - because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment and/or frustration if the shoot is somehow more arduous than expected.. But I guess there could be worse attitudes to have going in than “It’s going to be easy and fun”).

I am feeling a little frustrated that I can’t write more about what’s been going on (I’m contractually precluded from doing so) because I think a good journal entry (And good writing in general) should be specific and not vague.

But “it is what it is”, as they say.

I also find myself wanting to crow about my success on social media.

But the same point applies - I don’t really like “vague-booking”, but I can’t do otherwise (And as I’ve written previously, I’ve also decided to follow the lead of most successful actors I know, and not write about this stuff on social media until it’s a done deal ...and while shooting two commercials could be considered a “done deal” - at least once I’m done today - it’s not really “done” until the spots are airing, I’ve cashed/am casting the checks, and people are saying “Jim, did I just see you in a ____ commercial?”).

Suffice it to say, I am pleased that I’m starting out my year having booked/shot two commercials.

But here’s a weird note - I’m afraid one of these two commercials might be a Super-Bowl spot

Sounds counter-intuitive, right? “Why are you afraid Jim? The Super Bowl is a huge deal - Don’t you want millions of people to see the commercial you’re in?”.

And I do...BUT, the last time I was in a SuperBowl spot, I was psyched, assuming it would air a lot (Because why would they spend that kind of money for a single airing, even with that big an audience?).

And it aired once.

So I’m a little spooked - I want these babies to air as long as possible because that’s where the money is (In the residuals) - and am hoping I’m either wrong about these potentially being Superbowl spots, or that I’m not, and the spots are such hits that they air in perpetuity for the next couple years anyway (I think the problem with the last Superbowl commercial I was in wasn't that it was a Superbowl commercial, but that it was a dud Superbowl commercial. It just didn't ultimately work)

(FTR, as of this writing, no one has told me either spot is a Superbowl spot. I’m just guessing that could be the case. I was thinking with one spot in particular, but either commercial, actually, as I think about it.)

Well, they are going to call me away any moment, so I’d better call this one early.

Till next time...


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