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3:22 pm - 12.29.2011
Not Much To Report - Seriously.

Not Much To Report. Seriously.

Here's what's passing for "news" in my world...

I just renewed my vehicle registration (Which this year necessitated a "smog check", to make sure said vehicle complies with California's tough vehicle emissions standards). I've been a bit "slow on the uptake" here, since the renewal's due on the 2nd, but hopefully, I'll get my tags in the mail by the next time I need to drive.

Bought a 2012 calendar at my nearby faux-99 Cent store last night; I found one in the style I like (No frills, with a big grid to write down auditions and bookings), but as you might imagine - when purchasing a 99-cent calendar - it's so cheap I'm worried it won't actually make it through the year.

(Stopped at Skylight Books in Los Feliz after getting the car smog-checked this morning, to see if they had the calendar I bought there last year that I liked - Sadly, they did not.)

In WW news, as always seems to be the case with renovation/construction projects, the renovation of stores in our territory has not proceeded as scheduled/planned; I don't know when the stores I work at will "go under the knife", but I've heard it'll now be held off till at least February, so as not to coincide with what's typically the busiest time of year for registering new members (I hope so - I hardly think WW could make a worse "first impression" than greeting throngs of new members in a temporary space w/out computers. I know I'm not going to be the happiest WW worker ever when they take away my computer, since that means the dreaded "paper tally").

In other WW news, I am over my goal weight of 200 lbs (Today, at home, I weighed 202 lbs and change, which is as light as I've been in weeks); since they won't let me get naked when I do my weigh-in, that means that within the next 13 days (I have to weigh in by the 10th), I have to lose about two lbs to be safely within my two-lb "range", and about four to be at goal (I'd prefer if I were around 195 lbs or so, but the way things have been going, I don't know if I'll have the wherewithal to make that happen by the 10th).

I posted this on Facebook, so I will share it with you as well - My episode of Shameless from last season is scheduled to repeat on New Year's Day (On Showtime @ 9:00 pm). My first episode of Austin and Ally will air on Jan 8th (On the Disney Channel @ 8:00 pm), and my first Shameless episode in the new season will air Jan 22nd.

And with that, I think I've bored us all - myself included - long enough...


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