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8:45 am - Weds 10.20.2010
A Couple Of Sexy Auditions

A Couple Of Sexy Auditions

With two auditions today, I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I'll keep it short...

Have two auditions today, a commercial audition for PepsiMax (Which I bought at the store yesterday - because it was on sale, not as a good-luck totem), and for Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.

The PepsiMax commercial would be a nice booking, because I could really use some commercial income, and because I like the spot (And I'd be the "lead").

But it's dwarfed in "sexiness" by the "Criminal Minds" audition - Three pages as the "Coroner" in a scene with Forrest Whittaker.

Unlike most tv things I've been going in for, today is a "pre-read", meaning I'm reading just for the casting director; if she likes my take on things, I then move on to the "Producer Session" (And from there, hopefully, to booking the gig).

I was momentarily "put out" by the idea of a pre-read, but it's actually a pretty reasonable precaution on their part - I'm not sure this casting director has ever seen me (And if she has, it was years ago, for a one or two-line part, not a three-page scene with the series lead...who if I failed to mention it, is Forrest-Freakin'-Whittaker).

Spent most of the day yesterday going over the scene in question, and I'm pretty happy with the choices I've made (Though I'm prepared to "go in another direction" if asked).

But speaking of "choices", I think I should make a choice now to wrap this up, hop in the shower, and prepare myself for the PepsiMax audition.

This should be a good day...


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