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11:27 pm - Sun 11.02.2008
\"Here I Sit...\"

"Here I sit..."

I've got a lot to write about, and as always, haven't given myself much time to write about it, so I'm going to try and move quickly...

In news that should be happy news, but didn't initially feel like happy news, I got a call from Brett recently, letting me know that the infomercial people want me back this coming Saturday to shoot some "pickups".

("Pickups" are when a director looks at the footage he has after a shoot and says to himself, "Oh crap! I need some shots I didn't get...", and has to call the actors back in to "pick up" the shots in question.)

Of course, they have to pay another "session fee", which is nice...unless I end up just having to hand this one over to AFTRA as well (My hope is that the production will assume I'm all set with AFTRA, won't check again, and I'll get to put this check in the bank).

Anyway, that's going to be this Saturday, I'm assuming this time without John Cleese (I haven't gotten a call time yet).


After trying to call "Gregg Hoffmaster" twice today and getting his machine, I decided, instead of filling his machine with messages, to content myself with emailing him instead.

(I basically said, "Are you that 'Gregg Hoffmaster'?" - meaning, "my biological mother's husband" - and asked him "what did you want to talk to me about?".)

Now I'm waiting to hear back.

(If you're thinking to yourself "Gregg Hoffmaster. Who's that?", go back two entries, and "read all about it".)

I'm still kind of afraid that either 1)It isn't that Gregg Hoffmaster, and there's no real connection between us at all, or 2) It is that Gregg Hoffmaster, and all he wants is to be mad at me for revealing he had some trouble with the law when he was a young man.

My hope is that he is "that" Gregg Hoffmaster, and he'll "fill in some blanks" in my extremely sketchy early life story (Wouldn't it be nice if he had a picture or two of my Mom he could send me...?).

To say "He's piqued my curiosity" is an understatement, to say the least...!


Was back at the Doctor's office on Thursday.

He took some x-rays of my abdomen, and I don't appear to have any bowel obstructions, which would seem to be happy news.

But the "happiness" here is very qualified; I'm still not pooping with anything approaching my normal regularity (And this after three doses of citrate of magnesia, an enema, and two day's worth of Enulose, a prescription stool-softener - Not all at once, of course, but still...).

I guess if there's a next step - if the Enulose doesn't do the trick (It can take a few days to "kick in" apparently) - it'll involve me going to a gastroenterologist (My spell-check says I'm not spelling that right, but I can't tell where I'm going wrong. Anyway...).

Dr. W doesn't seem overly concerned - but then again, he's not the one who hasn't had a normal bowel movement in weeks.

I would very much like to find out what's going on here.

And I would very much like to find out it's not something that will require surgery to fix.

And on that hopeful note, I'm going to bed...


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