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8:30 PM - Mon 07.24.23

Tricks Up My Sleeve

(Just had to read my last entry, see where I left off. But anyway...)

Feels like "old news" at this point (It happened a couple days ago), but since it's not "old news" in here...

Got a text from my agent at BBA asking if I wanted to join him at his new agency - Park Artists Group, in Sherman Oaks - and I said yes.

I joked with Jon - my commercial guy - that I considered saying no, and holding out for an offer from Gersh or CAA (Those are two of the biggest agencies in town).

But the truth of the matter is I was very anxious about getting another agent, period. So it was a big relief to know that when the post-strike dust settles, I'll have someone in my corner, helping me sort through all those juicy guest star offers that'll no doubt be coming my way.


People have been very supportive about the strike, wishing me well (In terms of the strike ending quickly and in favor of the actors) and even sending me links to organizations that are helping financially strapped strikers (With paying bills, getting groceries, and so on).

While I am not "financially strapped" at the moment, it was sobering to realize that, being on strike, I can't apply for unemployment - I have maybe $500-600 left on my unemployment debit card, and that's gonna be all there is for the foreseeable future.

So with no unemployment, and virtually no opportunities to make money acting, the strike is going to put a serious dent in my savings.

Another big concern is health insurance - To qualify for my next year of health insurance, I have to clear $26,000 in earnings before the year's out.

I looked on the health insurance website a short time ago, and I currently have $11,000-and-change in acting earnings so far this year. If the strike drags on, as everyone thinks it will, I don't see how in hell I'm going to hit that magic number.

So, I have...concerns.

But a bigger deal to me - In the present moment, at least - is maintaining my sense of "Identity" and "Purpose" when auditions and gigs have gone from "never enough" to "non-existent" for the foreseeable future.

A world where auditions and gigs happen - if not as much as I wish they would, at least enough to periodically give me something interesting to do - is, in my mind, a better world than where they don't.

A lot of my thoughts, since COVID, have centered around "the way forward" - Not just financially but mentally, emotionally.

What remains for me, in whatever period of time I have left? Who am I, what interesting things are there left for me to do?

And do I have any more tricks up my sleeve?

Till next time...



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