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3:23 pm - Sat 4/14/07
Snickers Really DOES Satisy

Snickers Really DOES Satisfy

Well, turns out I was right to be holding out hope for the Snickers gig...

On Thursday, I was planning to go to ArcLight with Cary, to have dinner and see The Hoax.

Cary was here at the apartment, hooking up my cable and stuff so everything actually worked, when JS called; he said the Snickers people might be calling me (They apparently weren't happy with their first choice), and if so, the shoot was the next day.

It was fun to have Cary there when I got the call, but I wasn't really prepared for what followed--When we were at the cafe, having dinner, the casting director called, telling me, instead of just getting the gig directly, the production people wanted me to go to Santa Monica for another callback...that evening.

I was not 100% happy about that--I've been trying to get together with Cary forever to go out to the movies (And I just wanted them to tell me I had the job already)--but on the other hand, I knew another big national trumped any annoyance I might be feeling.

There were a couple more calls (From the casting person, then from a couple people from the production), and before you could say, "So much for seeing a movie", Cary was driving me to Santa Monica for the callback (We'd taken his car to ArcLight).

And long story short, I got the gig!

It shot yesterday. It was relatively quick--nine hours--and easy. Not terribly interesting or fulfilling in terms of acting (I was only on camera two separate times for a couple minutes each time), but I think it's going to be a funny spot, and hopefully run for a long time.

(I'm going to have to save writing about the actual shoot for another time, cause I need a pre-work nap like you wouldn't believe...)


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