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12:34 am - Thurs 2/9/06
Bankers In Speedos

Bankers In Speedos

Mon 2/6/05 (2:15 a.m.)

Closed tonite at the theater.

I was only scheduled to close two nights this week, but I took Matt’s closing usher shift on Tuesday, and Antonia’s on Saturday. (I would have switched with Scott B. on Friday–also a closing usher shift, but that would have meant hanging out at the theater for two hours with nothing to do--I was off at 9:00 that night, and he wanted to work at least till 11:00).

You’re no doubt thinking, “Who cares?”, but it’s a pretty big deal to me, because I’m really not “Volunteering To Stay Late” Guy.

But I want this job to work out. I actually don’t know if it’s financially possible, with the wage they pay, for this job to pay the bills, even if I can get a full-time complement of hours. But I have to do what I can to squeeze it for all I can get.

Tues 2/7/06 (4:22 p.m.)

Well, here’s some pretty big news: Jane’s daughter Emily had her baby, at 2:01 this morning.

Have I even mentioned in here that Jane has a daughter Emily, and that Emily’s been pregnant these past nine months?

Well, in any case, she does, and she has been, and now there’s a giant baby boy (9 lbs, 8 ozs) named Anderson Chad Stevens in the world.

(I know–It would sound better if it were “Chad Anderson Stevens”, wouldn’t it? But Dad’s named “Chad”, and I guess they didn’t want a “Junior”)

Jane was already a “Grandma” of sorts–Mark’s adult children have children–but I imagine there’s a world of difference between that, and one of your own babies having a baby.

Anyway, congratulations everyone. It couldn’t happen to a nicer family.

Welcome to the world, “A.C.”.

(If/when I can figure out how to get the picture Jane emailed me from “here” to “there”, I’ll put it up for your perusal.)

Weds 2/8/06 (5:45 pm)

Well, it’s been “Audition-O-Rama” today: Not one, not two, but three commercial auditions (Just got back from my third, for some sort of stop-smoking product, about a half-hour ago).

(My “capsule review” of how they went? I think the first, for Home Depot, and the one I just mentioned, are “possibles”; I’d be kind of surprised if I didn’t get callbacks for one or both of those. The one in the middle, on the other hand, for Cingular...well, I feel pretty doubtful about that one.)

Add the three today to the two I had on Monday–for Mazda and Nestle--and I’ve gotten more commercial audition action this week than I do most months.

(But wait! There’s more...)

While I was waiting to go in for my last audition today, I got a call from Anne (At JS Represents) on my cell–She told me I had a callback tomorrow for Washington Mutual.

(I went in to be a “Banker”, one of four old-school banking fat cats Washington Mutual keeps penned up; basically, when they want to test out a “radical” idea–like “free checking”, for example--they float it by us, and if we don’t like it, they know they’re onto something.)

It’s my first callback of the new year, which is nice, but something Anne said vaults this particular callback way beyond the realm of “nice”: She told me this is not for one commercial, but a series of commercials.

Let me say that again–This callback is for a series of commercials.

A series.

As in “more than one commercial”.

(I didn’t know this when I went in for the initial audition.)

To quote Anne, “If you get this, you won’t have to worry about anything for quite awhile...”.

And I gotta tell ya, that is one appealing notion. A very appealing notion. I can’t tell you how much I’d like to “not have to worry about anything for quite awhile”.

But it’s not true, strictly speaking (That if I book this gig I won’t have anything to worry about): One thing they’ll be asking tomorrow is if we’d be willing to wear a Speedo in one of the spots.

This worries me.

I’m not sure I’m ready for that (I’m not sure America is ready for that).

I’ve actually joked about just this kind of scenario, a nightmarish vision of the kind of thing I might have to do someday as an actor.

But what am I gonna say? “Well, even though this could be the financial springboard I’ve been dreaming of since moving to L.A.--and maybe a major career boost as well--I’m just too ashamed of my body, so I’m gonna have to say ‘no’ on the Speedo”?

I can’t do that.

So tomorrow, when I’m at the audition, and they say, “If we book you, would you be willing to wear a Speedo in one of the spots?”, I’m going to say “Just try and stop me!”.

Cause I’m not in "the dignity business” here.


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