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11:43 PM - Tues 8.18.20

Kermit Makes The Team

Well, got official word today - I'm on for the first three episodes of Season 11.

(Actually, the "official" word - aka "The Offer", where they say when I'm shooting, how much they want to pay me, and shit like that - hasn't come yet. But you get the gist - I'm back on the show.)

The "window" for shooting is 9/9 - 10/27 (The first four episodes are going to involve "block shooting", meaning they'll shoot all the Alibi scenes for those first three episodes one after the other, rather than by episode. That's something I've never done before, which should be interesting).

I'm dying of curiosity as to how this is gonna go (ex. Are they going to want me to go get a COVID test before I show up for the first day?) and it strikes me that I'd really like to get the scripts sooner rather than later, under the circumstances.

I'm a little nervous...but more excited than anything.

And relieved - Though, in hindsight, I might have gotten myself "spun up" about nothing, imagining getting dropped from the show.

But in my defense, having read multiple articles saying that, moving forward, productions were going to have as few characters in a scene as possible (due to COVID), it didn't seem a slam-dunk that Kermit would make the cut.

But he did.

I know it's going to be kind of weird going back under current conditions - and I'm a little nervous about that - but emotionally, I'm ready.

And I'm hoping that, since Shameless is back shooting, other things will start coming back, and maybe I'll even be able to sneak in an honest-to-God booking before the year's out.

A guy can dream, can't he?

Till next time...



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