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10:20 pm - Weds 6/2/11
I'll Text You

I'll Call Text You

Once again, there's any number of things for me to write about, yet I haven't been writing.


After I assumed things were done for the day, got an email from Brett about an audition tomorrow - the (very) small-but-pivotal role of "Homeless Man" in a Ryan Murphy pilot called American Horror Movie.

Have spent a good chunk of the evening calling people, trying to find a fill for my WW meeting tomorrow - and finally did, after placing at least a dozen calls - so now I'm watching tv, and doing this...when I told myself the only thing I absolutely had to get done this evening was "paying bills" (But I did pay rent earlier, so at least that's out of the way).


Got some good news recently: I made enough money to qualify for another year of insurance through SAG!

I'm sure I've said this before, but here I am, saying it again - On the one hand, it feels good to have made enough money as an actor to qualify for health benefits. It feels like an "accomplishment". But on the other hand, it seems wrong that I live in a society where being physically cared for isn't a fundamental right, but something you have to earn.

But back to acting...

I've told people asking about my last couple auditions that they were "fun", because they were.

I think if I can figure out how to make every audition "fun", instead of having "fun" happen by lucky circumstance, I'll likely book a higher percentage of gigs - Just a theory I'm working on.


Thurs 6/2/11 (10:20 am)

Read online about the World Health Organization's report that cell phone use may cause cancer.

The article had a comment from a young cell phone user, basically saying "I hardly ever use my cell phone to talk to people - It seems too intrusive" (Because a phone calls forces a person to interrupt whatever they're doing to "engage" with you, as opposed to an email or text message).

I'm not happy about that movement away from talking - I miss having actual conversations with people, on the phone or in person, and feel that texts and emails are a poor substitute - but I definitely feel I'm "intruding" when I want to call someone "just to talk".

(And truth-to-tell, I only have that "I just called to say hi" relationship with a few people, and even then, I don't talk with any of them on a regular basis - though I did call Cary earlier today, "just to connect", leaving a message on his voicemail.)


Just realized that I told myself I was going to go back to Hollywood Center Studios today - where I had my callback for A.N.T. Farm - to pick up the binder I left on Friday...and instead, I'm doing this.

(When it comes down to it, most of the time, no matter what I'm doing, I feel like I should be doing something else - That's just one of the joys of being me.)

(More time passes...)

Feel stressed, for some reason. Don't know why - since I got a fill for my WW meeting, all I have going today is the audition at 4:00 - but something is really bothering me.


Took a step toward getting myself back into theater on Sunday - I went to the monthly membership meeting of the Sacred Fools theater company.

Seemed like a nice group of people - it was interesting being amongst "theater people" after being away for the better part of a decade - and I think what I can do would "fit into" what they seem to do (I say "What they seem to do", because I haven't actually seen what they do yet - I'm just going on the "feel" I got from the meeting).

Signed up to get on their "action update" list (I think that's what they called it - basically emails about auditions, volunteer opportunities, etc), and I guess now it's just a matter of keeping an eye out for those, looking for ways to work myself into the group.

(You have to be "voted in" to become a company member. Then once you are, you're required to put in at least 48 hours of work time a season.)

I also - finally! - am officially a member of the "Foster Care Alumni of America"; After I signed up and heard nothing for weeks, I emailed the person who runs the site directly, and things got ironed out (There was no record of my signing up).

I don't know what, if anything, it's going to mean to me - It seems mostly to be an advocacy group for kids currently in the foster care system - but it seems like something worth exploring.

In any case, I'm happy with myself for at least taking a couple of "baby steps" to improve my life situation.

But I need to get my act together - I want to go get that binder, and get back home in time for a nap before the audition at UDK - and I think I've said what I needed to say in here for now.

So, till next time...


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