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11:38 am - THU 11/28/02
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I don't really want to take up too much time with this today, but have a few quick things to say before heading out to Cary and Kay's for Thanksgiving dinner...

When I ended my last entry--if you don't follow along with each entry, I was all excited about getting a callback for a national commercial, then learned the whole thing had been cancelled--I ended by saying I was "laughing" about my most recent bit of bad luck.

I probably sounded as if I were being sarcastic, but I actually wasn't; After I got the news, I called my agent to let him know I'd gotten his message, hung up...and just started laughing.

I don't know what I found so funny, exactly, and I was a tad bit weirded-out by my response, but if it's that or be made miserable every time something doesn't go my way, I'll take the laughter.

Granted, this didn't go quite the way I'd HOPED, but it really was still a very positive development. And it really does tell me that, if not this time, then the next; The "gravy train" really is rolling my way, and more importantly than that, I've gotten a sign that I'm on the right track here.

And practically, it can't hurt that I'm now "on the radar" with this particular casting agency (They told JS they "really liked me" and would definitely be having me come in for other things), and that JS has seen that I do have the potential to be a money-making proposition for him.

And as I said to Jane, another up-side to this is that it's a "moment trapped in amber"; It will always be something that COULD have happened, if circumstances beyond my control hadn't intervened. It'll never be tainted by my not ultimately getting it (I'd rather have gotten it, mind you, but still...).

Anyway, onward and upward...

Going to Cary and Kay's today for Thanksgiving.

In addition to the feast, Cary had another treat in store for me; He recently purchased a new DVD player, and is giving me his old one!

It wouldn't play one of his DVDs one time, and has on a few occasions kind of "hitched" a little before playing others. In other words, it's probably on its way out, but I imagine I'll still get plenty of use from it between now and the time I can afford to buy my own dvd player.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (I'd do my list of "Things I'm Thankful For", but I want to get to Cary and Kay's sooner rather than later...)


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