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11:18 pm - Weds 4.25.2013
While I have "Meltdowns"., My Computer Has "Thermal Incidents".

While I Have "Meltdowns", My Computer Has "Thermal Incidents"

Where to begin...?

Just finished reading the first of the two True Blood episodes I'm in (Actually received the second episode first, which I've already read, in addition to attending the "table read" for it out in Calabasas on Monday).

I do not mean this as an insult to the show - at all - because I haven't seen the show (So I don't know how it "plays"), but after I finished reading tonight, I was actually kinda glad I don't really have much to do in the two episodes, because I thought "I wouldn't have a clue what to do with this over-the-top vampire/werewolf/fairy soft-core porn/gothic romance/supernatural action-movie stuff".

(While I am actually in the two episodes, I have exactly one line, in the 2nd. But more about that momentarily...)

Thurs 4/25/13 (8:06 am)

Fired up the computer this morning, or tried to, anyway (Had actually shut it down entirely last night; I usually put in on "hibernate"), but instead of things "firing up", I got an unhappy message about a "thermal incident" which had caused the computer to automatically shut down...which is leaving me worried that buying a new computer is in my near-future.

(I don't want to buy a new computer till I book a national, and have some serious bank coming in. Hoping I might be able to just take the old machine in and get a replacement fan or something. Anyway...)

Was pretty disappointed to discover I have such a small role on True Blood, cause I went in thinking I had at least the three lines I auditioned with (Plus whatever might be in the other episode).

But the bulk of the lines go to "Lab Scientist #1"...and I am "Lab Scientist #2".

On my sides ("Sides" are the lines you're auditioning with) it just said "Lab Scientist", so I don't know - Either the two roles were up-for-grabs, or else they didn't want "Lab Scientist #2" actors coming in to know they were basically auditioning to be an extra, or they just wanted to be sure the "LS #2" actors could act a a little, or...who knows?

Anyway, I'm disappointed - This "role" reminds me very much of when I played a prison guard on Nip/Tuck back in 2006 (Working for four days, I had three throwaway lines in the episode), which makes me feel like I'm getting nowhere fast here (Before anyone reminds me of all I've done since 2005, I know. But it's still frustrating to be fighting for the same-sized roles, or smaller, that I started-out fighting for, years down the road).

(12:19 pm)

Back from a wardrobe fitting, which was actually fun, then a side trip to Staples, for a couple cans of "Dust Destroyer" (Compressed air, or gas, or something), that will hopefully take care of my computer issue.

(Probably ought to be doing that instead of doing this, but I'm feeling compelled to do this first - and get it done - so do this I shall.)

Got a call from Sharon while at Staples; I have an audition tomorrow for Kickin' It (A Disney show I've gone in for before), if I can get in before I have to leave for the True Blood shoot in Montebello.

(I don't have a call time yet for True Blood, but the costume ladies - who were lovely, by the by - thought it would probably be mid-afternoon or thereabouts, while the "window" for the Kickin' It audition would start at 12:30. Anyway...)

Was quite surprised to have another audition for Perception yesterday (My audition there at the beginning of the month - for a very nice guest-star role - was far-and-away the worst audition I've had so far this year).

I was initially told I was going in to read two roles - a lawyer and an FBI Unit Chief - but they decided last-minute they wanted to cast the lawyer (Who's last name is "Gennaro") with an actual Italian guy, so I just ended up reading the FBI guy, which was okay with me, cause it was a better role anyway.

This time I read with the actual CD and not the camera guy, and I'd had way more time to prepare than I did for the last audition, so I did pretty well (Being "loose on my lines" and not dealing with it very well was what torpedoed my last audition).

I'm guessing at this writing that I didn't book it, which is disappointing...but I'm mostly just happy I got a chance to "redeem myself" (And I was glad they still saw enough, even in that shitty audition, to give me another chance). If I don't book the role this time, it's not because I bombed in the room, and I can live with that.

Well, I actually want to write some more - and maybe I shall before the day is done - but I need to make some calls and see what's to be done about these "thermal incidents" with my computer...


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